How to Select Best Camera for yourself

How to choose a best Camera for your self

There are more than thousands of cameras on the market. Also, there are more than 30 to 35 models of DSLR available in the market. finding any 1 camera out of this is a very difficult task, so don't worry because we will give you camera buying tips and how to select the best camera for yourself. This article is divided into parts, so after reading that guarantee you will find a good camera for yourself.

Best Camera buying tips

Earlier it was very easy to select the best camera, you only had to compare the price, but now thousands of cameras have come into the market, out of which it is very difficult to choose a good camera. There are many things that we have to keep in mind while buying a camera such as price, camera quality, features, and many more.

Check What Budget is suitable for you

I can understand that if you are a student or studying in college and you want to get a DSLR or any good camera, but you are not able to buy such expensive cameras like 1000-2000$ camera directly, that's why you have to find such a camera, that should be affordable and have all the features that you want, but you should also know that all the features are not available in a low budget camera.

College students especially have a lot to learn in photography and they are searching to find a camera from which they can learn photography and if you are a beginner in photography then you should buy 300$ or cheap camera to learn photography, then after getting knowledge about it you should think of buying an expensive camera and if your budget is good then you can take a good camera. You have to select whether your budget is 300$camera,500$camera, 1000$camera or even more.

For which purpose do you want a camera

First, you have to think, for whom do you need a camera for photos, for videos like I had taken a 5d mark 3 before few years to take photos and if I added some more money, I could have got a good 4k video quality camera But I didn't need it, so I didn't.

But if you need a camera to make videos then you should go with Sony and you can also find many other good cameras which can shoot 4k video and also mirrorless cameras are better options for video shooting. which are running in the market nowadays. Like if you make videos on YouTube and you need a camera for that, then you can take cameras like Sony ZV-1, Fujifilm X-S10, Panasonic GH5 Mark II, Sony ZV-E10.

If you need a camera for both videos and photos, then you can buy both mirrors less and DSLR as it has some options for multiple camera use like,

Sony 6300

Canon 200D

Canon 70D

Full Frame or Crop Sensor

check that you need a full-frame sensor or crop sensor. The full-frame is the biggest sensor after that crop sensor is half of the full-frame in size then how will you decide which one you have to buy according to your work. if you shoot low light photos and take more photos or videos, then you should take a camera with a full-frame sensor and if you want the wide angle of view a little wider and you shoot mostly wide angles then a full-frame is best for you.

Because if you use a crop sensor and use a 100mm lens on it then it will give only 100mm in the full-frame but if you come to crop sensor then it will multiply by 1.5 or 1.6. It is useful when you have to take wide-focus photos.

How many megapixels do you need in a camera?

People think that more megapixel means more camera quality but this is not true. suppose a camera with 50mp is only used in a studio. As a tripod has to be used to shoot in a 50mp camera studio, a stand is needed for it, if we try to shoot manually with that camera, then the sharpness of the image will reduce. If you only need a camera to take photos for social media, then you only need a 12mp camera, you do not need more than that.

If you do cropping and you have more print work then you should buy a camera with more megapixel and if your need camera for heavy uses then only you should take more megapixel camera and if you just want to post photos or videos in social media then you should take a low megapixel camera like 12mp or else 15mp.

Do you want the option of upgrading later?

If you want to buy such a camera in which you can upgrade in future then definitely you should buy a mirrorless or DSLR camera in which you can upgrade later and try different lenses in it. If you take a compact camera with a fixed lens then you will not be able to make any upgrades.

Speed and performance

These days, most cameras are fast enough for any unusual use. The flexible lens cameras, whether without mirrors or a DSLR, offer better performance than integrated cameras. They will focus faster, follow lessons better, and take more photos per second (although some integrated cameras, such as the Sony RX100 series, outperform the DSLRs on the latter).

We recommend that you want a camera with at least 5 frames per second (fps), but you may need more if you have kids playing games. At an equivalent time, you'll be drawn to marketing alone - 10-20 fps camera advertising sounds fun, but few people have a true need for such speed.

Image stabilization

Visual image enhancement helps to eliminate blurring in your photos by turning objects inside the lenses. This is especially helpful for a long-distance lens that can be difficult to hold in place. This is often the preferred method for DSLRs, although not all lenses are stable.


Sensor-switch intensification (commonly referred to as image stabilization, or IBIS) physically stimulates the sensor in response to vibration. This is the preferred stabilization method for glassless cameras. It works very well and has the advantage of working with any lens.

Electronic image stabilization (EIS) is, conversely, a camera strategy. Although it can capture a slightly blurry image, it usually does so due to reduced image quality. This is a preferred option for action cameras, while others are similar to the GoPro Hero8 Black.

Frequently asked questions about cameras.

Q.What's the best beginner's camera to buy?

Canon EOS 250D, Nikon D3500, Sony ZV-E10 are the best cameras for beginners.

Q.What's all the equipment I need to start?

Don't go crazy buying the most expensive equipment right now for beginners.

Q.How do I become a really good photographer

buy only the camera equipment which is needed and which you can afford. learn your camera manual settings. learn the rules of photography. practice photography in different outdoor lighting.

Q.Is it necessary to buy different types of the lens after buying a camera?

no, lenses is not necessary after buying the camera

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