Citizens of the world have access to financial services technology news

Citizens of the world have access to financial services technology news

There are so many online technology forums out there, it can be hard to decide which ones are the best. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or just starting your first business, here's our list of 10 top rated web-based discussion boards that you should check out. We've ranked them according to popularity and their ability to offer great content that meet your needs as well as providing an active community for discussions.

The internet is a place for people to connect and share ideas. It can be hard to find like-minded individuals, but there are many online forums that exist just for this purpose. If you're looking for the best technology forum, then these ten will help point you in the right direction!

Open banking startup Fin verse wants to build the Asia-Pacific region’s Plaid

The Fin verse team has seen firsthand the positive effect open banking can have on a country’s economy, and they are now bringing it to Asia-Pacific. The company is looking to build an API that will allow them to integrate with existing local banks and provide users with more control over their finances than ever before. Fin verse wants to help people in this region take back control of their money by providing transparent data and innovative solutions for financial services.

The Asia-Pacific region is a hotbed for tech innovation, but the financial services industry has lagged behind. Fin verse wants to change that with their new open banking startup. They are building an open API platform called Plaid which will be designed to connect fintech's and banks in order to provide better access to financial data, smooth out friction points between institutions, and empower customers with more control over their data. The company recently closed a $7M Series A investment round led by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Social Capital . Other investors include Reycraft Partners, SVB Ventures, Lurer Hippias Ventures (LHF), Golden Venture Partners (GVP) and Metamorphic Ventures. We caught up with CEO Alex

How to root out shadow IT and maximize SaaS investments

IT shadow IT can be a major problem for businesses. But it doesn't have to be! Here are five ways you can root out shadow IT and maximize your investments in SaaS solutions. 

1) Make sure everyone knows the benefits of enterprise software over Shadow IT by explaining both long-term cost savings and increased productivity that come with using enterprise software,

2) Put together an internal wiki page listing all the available options so employees can easily find what they need,

3) Provide incentives for employees who use company-approved tools instead of their own devices or non-company approved apps,

4) Create a "shadow IT police" team where employees report on each other's usage habits if necessary,

5) Encourage user feedback from users about

Any company that has invested in SaaS software will know the benefits of a centralized system. However, as companies grow, there is always a risk that some departments may decide to implement their own solution rather than using the one provided by IT. This type of shadow IT can be detrimental to your business and should be rooted out as soon as possible. In this blog post we'll explore what causes shadow IT and how you can combat it through education and innovation. 

Zolve raises $40 million to help global citizens access financial services

Zolve is a company that has raised $40 million to help global citizens access financial services. They offer their customers the ability to pay for things like utility bills and school fees with one simple app. Zolve also helps people in developing countries get loans and save money.  For example, they work with local governments to help them issue bonds on the blockchain or create digital currencies for use within their country. If you want to learn more about this company's mission and how it can make your life easier check out our blog post now!

Zolve, a global financial services company that provides innovative banking solutions to the unbanked and underbanked in emerging markets. Zolve has raised $40 million in Series C funding from investors such as Goldman Sachs and General Atlantic. The funds will be used to expand their market reach into underserved regions across Africa and Asia. 

Zolve's vision is for every person on earth to have access to a bank account with an affordable basic package of essential financial services: checking, savings, loans, insurance, currency exchange and remittances. By 2020 they hope to provide 200-million people worldwide with these products and services through partnerships with governments or regulators who are committed to improving the lives of their citizens by helping them build assets (savings)

Smart Eye’s latest acquisition points to consolidation among driver monitoring system suppliers

In a recent acquisition, Smart Eye Technologies Inc. is buying driver monitoring service company Permanent Technologies Ltd. for an undisclosed amount of money. This acquisition points to the consolidation trend among companies in this space that is driven by technology and competition from new entrants into the market such as China’s internet giant, Tencent Holdings Ltd., which offers a similar product called “Happy Life.”

Lawmakers confront TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube about eating disorder content

In early February, a group of lawmakers in Washington DC met with representatives from TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube to discuss the content that is being posted on their apps. In particular, they wanted to know if any steps were being taken to address eating disorder content. The Senators were disappointed by what they heard from the companies' representatives at this meeting. They claimed that there was no way for them to monitor all these videos or even know if someone has an eating disorder when they upload a video. One Senator said "It's like trying to stop a tsunami." Tired of waiting for TikTok and other social media platforms, Sen. Durbin introduced legislation called "The Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act" which would require social media companies such

Daily Crunch: Indian mobility startup Chaleo buys office commute bus aggregator Shuttle

Indian mobility startup Chaleo has acquired the Mumbai-based office commute bus aggregator Bus Ride. Both companies will continue to operate independently, with Bus Ride continuing to offer its services in the Mumbai region while Chaleo expands nationally and internationally.

Chaleo, a little-known Indian mobility company is making waves with its latest acquisition. Chaleo has acquired an office commute bus aggregator called Banjo to help employees get from their homes to work and back faster. This move by the startup will help them become a leading player in the market for on-demand transportation services as they continue to grow exponentially. 

The idea behind this strategy is that it's more economical for companies like Chaleo who provide private transport services, such as buses and cars, for workers traveling between home and office locations. It costs about $1 per kilometer (0.6 miles) which means that if an employee travels 10 kilometers each way every day then it would cost around $500 per month

An all-electric Range Rover is coming in 2024

A Range Rover with no emissions coming in 2024? Sign me up! It may sound like a dream come true, but Jaguar Land Rover have announced that they are developing an all-electric version of the Range Rover. So if you're looking for your next big purchase, this might be it.

- The Range Rover is a luxury vehicle with an all-electric model coming in 2024. 

- Range Rover has been manufacturing the vehicle since 1948 and it only recently introduced its first hybrid. 

- This will be great for consumers looking to invest in a more environmentally friendly car that also offers high performance like the standard gas driven models.

Apple News is expanding its local coverage to three more U.S. cities

Apple News, the company's news aggregator app, is expanding its local coverage to three more U.S. cities: Houston, Texas; Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina; and Green Bay in Wisconsin. Starting today with these new markets, Apple News will offer a personalized mix of top stories from regional publishers across categories like sports, business, food & drink and entertainment that are tailored to your interests. You can also follow specific topics or publications you're interested in through curated channels such as Bloomberg Technology for tech updates or The Atlantic for global affairs insights on the world stage.

Microsoft and Alphabet trounce investor growth expectations

The recent quarterly reports from Microsoft and Alphabet have shown that both companies are continuing to grow at a steady rate. In Q4 of 2017, Alphabet's revenues rose 26% year-over-year to $32.3 billion, while Microsoft posted revenue growth of 18% in the same period. This is good news for investors who were worried about the increasing competition from smaller players like Facebook and Amazon.

The tech sector is thriving in 2017. Alphabet and Microsoft both reported quarterly earnings that beat expectations, with Alphabet’s shares hitting an all-time high around $1,000 per share. Google parent company Alphabet reported a profit of $6.7 billion on revenue of $26 billion for the third quarter of 2017. This marked a 21% increase from last year’s Q3 profits and a 12% increase in revenue from the same time last year.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Midwest VC boom, advice for CISOs, Facebook’s next chapter

The Midwest is on the rise in terms of venture capital. There’s a boom happening, and some are comparing it to Silicon Valley in its heyday. But there are also some key differences that make the region attractive for investors. Facebook has been working tirelessly to recover from their Cambridge Analytica scandal, but they have yet to find an effective solution. For CISOs who need advice, this article will cover how you can get started with security best practices for your company.

A new report from CB Insights shows that Chicago is the fastest-growing tech hub in North America. The Midwest VC boom has been accelerating since 2013, with more VC funding flowing to companies outside of Silicon Valley. As for Facebook’s next chapter, they are considering a “Facebook Lite” app designed for regions where internet connectivity is less reliable or expensive.

YouTube and Snapchat were asked to defend their apps’ age ratings in Senate hearing

YouTube and Snapchat were asked to defend their apps’ age ratings in Senate hearing on Wednesday, April 25. The two companies have faced scrutiny over the past year for how they classify users who are under 13 years old. YouTube's policy is that users must be at least 13-years-old to create an account, while Snapchat has no age requirements to use the app.   Senators raised concerns with both companies about whether or not these policies are sufficient enough for protecting children from using either app when they don't know what they're signing up for.

Skip the hassle of waiting in line for hours or paying for a ticket. The next time you want to go to an event, find it on Snapchat! The app has been used by many millennials as their main source of entertainment. Recently, YouTube and Snapchat were asked to defend their apps’ age ratings in Senate hearing. They provided evidence that they are doing all they can do ensure children are not viewing inappropriate content on their platforms.

Speech mastics pushes forward recognition of accented English

A new speech technology company, Speech mastics, is developing a computer system that can detect and process accented English. This new technology will allow the system to transcribe voice input with an accent into text more accurately than previously possible. The result of this advancement could be huge for millions of people who speak with an accent. 

For some time now it has been difficult to determine exactly what someone says while talking on the phone or during a conversation because there are so many different accents in existence. With this new development, we'll be able to understand each other better without having to ask them again and again what they said or trying our hardest just to decipher their words through guessing alone. This improvement will also help us learn languages more easily by understanding

Accented English is the focus of a new startup company, Speech mastics. The co-founders of this company are both German, but have experienced difficulties with understanding their customers who speak accented English. They noticed that many people in America also experience this same difficulty even though they were born and raised here. This inspired them to create an app that transcribes speech into correctly spelled words while still retaining the original accent's pronunciation.

In hearing with Snap, TikTok and YouTube, lawmakers tout new rules to protect kids online

Snap, TikTok and YouTube are the three most popular social media platforms for teens. However, these apps have been criticized heavily due to their lack of age restriction control. The three companies have all come under fire for hosting inappropriate content including violence, nudity, harassment and bullying. Lawmakers are now working on new regulations that will hopefully protect minors from this type of content.

Sequoia dramatically revamps its fund structure as it looks to rethink venture capital model

Sequoia Capital has made a number of changes to its fund structure, including the introduction of a new co-investment vehicle. The venture capital firm is looking to rethink how it invests in startups and better reflect the market landscape. Sequoia's founder, Don Valentine, said that "we're going back to our roots." When he founded Sequoia in 1972 with his partner Doug Morrill, they were both young entrepreneurs who had recently sold their company for $6 million. Now that Sequoia is more than four decades old and manages over $7 billion worth of assets across two funds (Sequoia Fund VII and an early stage investment fund), the team at Sequoia says they are "proud" of what they

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