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Best iPhone 13 tips and tricks of iPhone 13 and above models 

The latest iPhone 13 version iPhone 13 is out, with better battery life and camera enhancements. We should also not overlook the release of new phones with iOS 15 and that the most current version of the app is worth the price.

 IOS 15 features new options, including the capability to initiate FaceTime conversations for Android users and easily send messages using iMessage and updates for Apple Maps and more.

 While you might not be planning to upgrade to the brand new iPhone 13, Apple's running application is available to anyone users with the iPhone 6S or older model. Here are some more private options that you can access with iPhone 13 and up iPhone versions.

Modify notifications In some instances

Notifications get too irritating, and you want to turn off the device. IOS already includes management tools, but the most appealing feature of the recently launched iOS 15 is that you can disable notifications that are not needed and set them up so that you can view notifications when it's convenient for your time. 

To turn off notifications, make sure you go to the settings, select notifications, schedule a summary, and then change it to your preference.

 If you're preparing to start using this feature for the first time, you'll have to select from various applications before you the time that the summary will appear on your phone. Up to 12 daily summaries will let you pick the time you want to be at. 

Block any website IPs. 

One of the most recent options Apple has added to iOS 15 is that you can block an IP address from your phone to stop websites and trackers from tracking you while browsing. 

The aim is to improve the security features of iOS 15, which makes it easier to surf the internet with Safari. Here's how you can conceal your IP address to browse websites and trackers in Safari in your iPhone Settings from the homepage screen. Tap Safari. 

Scroll down until you detect an IP address hidden. Tap on trackers and websites. Apple initially introduced the option to customize the homepage in Safari in macOS Big Sur. 

But, it was available only to macOS. But, it is now available to macOS users. Cupertino is working on developing Safari to work with the iPhone in a significant way.

 If upgrading to iOS 15, you will be capable of adding domains to your Safari application.

 You're not only can change the default homepage; however, you can also select the background image you'll choose and select the features displayed in the middle of the screen. 

This is how You can download Safari on your iPhone. Start a brand new tab inside Safari. Scroll down, and then tap Edit. Click to toggle the images in the background off. 

Select an image from the presets, or click the merge option (+) to select one in the library. 

Drag and Drop Features in iPhone 13

Drag and Drop were accessible to users of the iPad in 2017. Apple has made it possible to drag and drop on iPhone with iOS 15. This may seem like not a significant update, but it's g feature. 

Drag the content from one app to another, and it sounds as authentic as it could be.

 To do that, hold down the text you wish to move until it's blue with white While you are still in the position of holding the text using your fingers, place your fingers on the opposite edge to change between the applications by using the Home bar Copy the floating content into the message application field such as.

Spotlight searches on lock screen feature in iPhone 13

 A search visible on the lock screen Brightness is an excellent feature for quick searches and opening the application. With iOS 15, you can now access Spotlight on the lock screen. 

There's a lot of content in images (search "Spain" or "New York") or look up items like artists or actors (say "Kim Kardashian" or "Lady Gaga"), and then you'll get more in-depth details such as photos on the web, apps that include more on the App Store, and Wikipedia listings. Swipe downwards on your lock screen, and you will see a search bar appear that lets you search for anything without activating the phone. By default, SpotliByt Search is enabled on your iPhone. 

A lot of notifications are not essential.

IOS 15 has a feature known as "Scheduled Summary" that allows you to gather all notifications that are not essential and send the notifications simultaneously instead of receiving multiple different responses over the entire day. 

To enable it, go to Settings> Notifications, and then tap "Scheduled Summary." "Turn it on, and follow the setup procedure. . Choose the applications you'd like to install from your list and then tap "Install Applications" below. 

The next screen will select the time at which you wish both summaries to be available. You can tap "+" to add daily summaries that are common.

 You can use one early in the day, later in the day, and later in the evening, should you like. After that, select the "Open Notification Summary" option below.

 You will be informed only via specific messages and applications not listed in the day until you decide to select the summary that will appear.

 Notify you of notifications on AirPods

If you own AirPods Pro, you can have Siri announce notifications for them at any time you have them in your ear hooked up to your iPhone.

 To enable it, you must go to Settings > Siri and Search and then tap "Announce notifications" and change the notification option to right at the very top. 

Also, you can change your "Headphones" button as well. Disable HDR video. The new iPhone 13 Pro models record videos using HDR and Dolby Vision. This does not just take up plenty of space but is also not compatible with other gadgets. . To disable it, Go to Settings> Camera and tap on "Record Video." Switch on"HDR Video" to turn off the "HDR Video" option.

check information from a photo in iPhone 13

Friends, if you want to take any information from the camera of your iPhone, such as you can copy text from any book, you will be able to translate anything by scanning it, and you can get information from the image by searching Google about it. For that, you have to go to the camera and keep it on that object for a while, and an option will come on the side, click on it, and you will be able to get all the same information.

lock pdf on iPhone 13

Friends, in terms of privacy, IOS 15 has updated many features, and if you want to lock any important PDF or document so that no one can access it without you, you have to go to the files and go to option PDF with lock. After clicking on the button, you have to set your password, and your PDF will be secured.

authenticator in iPhone 13

There's no more an era when you depended on third-party authentication software such as Google Authenticator. You can now use your iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro to include an internal authenticator feature that allows you to verify codes and establish accounts that won't perform actions immediately. You can set up the code generator within your phone's Settings, then Passwords.

Once you've enabled this feature, your device generates verification codes automatically according to the requirements and connects to the website that you're trying to access.

Keep Your Notes Organized on the iPhone 13 iPhone 13

If you're a frequent user of notes, you'll be delighted to try this trick to access notes with your iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. It's currently possible to include tags like #list and #work notes and then modify them.

Set up iCloud Private Relay on iPhone 13

Cloud Private Relay is a service offered by Apple that is accessible across all iCloud levels of subscriptions. It lets you connect to almost every network and navigate Safari with iPhone 13 or the iPhone 13 or the Safari browsing experience on the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro to provide extra security and security.

If you are using iCloud Private Relay, all of the routes you use to exit your device are not only encrypted; they are also transmitted via two different Internet transfer protocols. This means that no one other than Apple could see an IP address associated with your device, computer, or browse history. This allows data companies and advertisers to develop more targeted profiles by studying your browsing records.

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