Christmas Wallpaper is Coming: How to Customize Windows 10 for the Holidays

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Christmas Wallpaper Is Coming!

Christmas is coming! How are you getting into the festive spirit? Here at PC World, we've rounded up a whole host of ways that you can customize your Windows 10 computer for the holidays. You could try adding a Christmas theme to your desktop wallpaper or screensaver, find some good Christmas quotes on Google Images, and download some classic carols from iTunes. Whatever you do this year, make sure to enjoy yourself!

It's that time of year again! The snow is falling, the tree is up and the Christmas music is playing in all its glory. To help get you into the festive spirit, we've rounded up a whole host of ways that you can customize your Windows 10 computer for the holidays! How about adding a desktop wallpaper to remind you of what this season is all about? We've got plenty to choose from - but if none suit your fancy, why not make one yourself?

How to Add a Christmas Theme to Windows 10

This blog post will show you how to add a Christmas theme to Windows 10. We'll be using the Windows 10 Creators Update and the new features that come with it, including Cortana voice commands and Microsoft Edge's new tab preview bar. Follow along as we walk through what you need to do to get your computer ready for the holidays!

If you want to add a Christmas theme to Windows 10, then this article will show you how. There are many tutorials and guides that can help you do this online, but we're going to be using the Windows 10 Settings App. It's easy and it won't take too much time. If your computer is running slow or not working as it should, then there might be an issue with your hard drive or motherboard so contact our tech support team for assistance. We'll walk through what you need to do below!

Change Your Wallpaper

The next time you're feeling a little bored with your phone, just change the wallpaper! There are so many free and fun wallpapers to choose from that it will be easy to find one that makes you happy. Take a break from the same old thing and try something new. It's worth it!

I know that we all have a tendency to get bored with the same old wallpaper. It's not hard to change it up and make your desktop feel fresh again. Here are some great wallpapers for you: 

1) A beautiful sunrise over water - This gorgeous scene is waiting for you on this incredible wallpaper. There is no doubt that this will put a smile on your face every time you see it!

2) An abstract design of pink, purple, and green dots against an orange background - This striking design has such vivid colors that they seem to jump off the screen at you! The pattern is mesmerizing and might just be what your desktop needs!

3) A photograph of an ocean sunset - If ever there was a picture

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Make Your Screen Snow

Have you tried Desktop Christmas yet? It's a small executable that will make your desktop snow as if it was December. Want to see for yourself how the science of winter works on our screens, and feel those "Christmas" vibes without having to brave the cold? Give this app a try! If you're missing that frosty feeling on your face and the sound of snow crunching underfoot, don't despair. All it takes is a small executable called Desktop Christmas to make your desktop look like it's covered in snow. Give yourself an early holiday present this year by downloading our free app today!

If you're anything like me, then snow is one of the most magical things in life. But it's not always possible to experience this type of magic at Christmas time due to where I am located on Earth (I'm talking about Scotland). Luckily for people like us who are missing out on some beautiful white Christmassy goodness, there's an app that can make your desktop look like a winter wonderland with just one click! It's called Desktop Christmas and all you need to do is download it onto your computer - no installation required! Let these pictures show how lovely it looks when my screen was transformed into a snowy scene complete with falling flakes.

Theme With Christmas Colors

We talked about a few simple tweaks you can make to your system that will affect how people feel and react. We also shared some research on the science behind color psychology. Try out these changes for yourself or have our team of experts help you create a strategy that increases customer conversion rates by leveraging the power of colors in digital marketing strategies. Which of these neuroscience principles has helped increase sales at your company?

If you have a little time and want to give yourself a boost, try changing the colors of your system. You can do this quickly by opening Settings > Personalization > Colors. There are so many different color schemes to choose from - why not experiment with one today? Remember that it is always beneficial to take small steps when making changes in order to avoid being overwhelmed by change or giving up altogether!

Countdown to Christmas With a Desktop Widget

It's time to get excited. Christmas is here in just under two weeks! We've pulled together some of the best countdown clocks and advent calendars for you to enjoy this season, so make sure you don't miss any days. Advent calendars are a great way to build anticipation but if they're not your thing, there are plenty of other ways to count down until Santa arrives on December 25th. Whether it’s an app or website that counts down the seconds until Christmas Day with beautiful animations, or simply setting up a clock on your computer screen - we have something for everyone! Merry Christmas from all at Linked Biz!

For those of you who are counting down the days until Christmas, we hope this countdown clock encourages you to be patient and enjoy each day. It will surely make for a more fun and less stressful holiday season when it's finally time!

Make Your Cursor Snow

The Cursor Snowflakes utility makes it easy to make your cursor sprinkle snow from its trail every time you move it. You'll need a ZIP file that can be extracted and then installed on Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista machines to do this nifty trick. If you're ready for some wintertime fun with your computer's mouse pointer, head over the page now!

You'll need a utility called Cursor Snowflakes to make your cursor snow in the way we described. Head to the page, download and extract it, then follow our instructions here on how to set up the program for use! Get into that festive mood by making your cursor sprinkle snow from its trail every time you move it.

Apply Some Christmas Sounds

Setting your computer to play Christmas songs before the holiday is a tradition that many people love, but it's important not to get burned out from hearing those same sounds over and over. You can change what sound plays for calendar reminders, system notifications, and more with just a few clicks of your mouse! Check out this guide on how you can set up some festive Windows noises so you won't be hearing the default ones all year long.

Put some jingle bells in your life this season by changing the sounds that are set for your calendar reminders, system notifications, and more. You can get away from those default Windows noises and have a little festive cheer on your computer or phone with these easy steps. Pick out something from our list of Christmas songs to add some holiday music to all of your devices today!

Turn the Taskbar Festive

I’ve never been a huge fan of Christmas, but this is the one time where you can embrace all that cheesy festivity. If you have to work on your computer during the holidays and want something to help get in the mood, download this application. Your taskbar will be transformed into an interactive display with snow drifting down from above while colored circles float up and down across it. The only downside? It doesn't seem like there's any way to turn off or disable these effects once they start happening so if you have other icons displayed underneath them then expect some overlap!

The application is free and there are no ads. It's a great way to make your taskbar feel like Christmas without having to go through the trouble of downloading other applications or setting up something on your own computer. Give it a try!

Apply a Christmas Screensaver

Have you thought about how your screensaver can be part of the holiday spirit? It’s so easy to customize with a Christmas wallpaper or any other illustration that makes you happy. Maybe it's something nostalgic, like when you were little and got excited for Santa Claus coming down your chimney in the middle of December night! What are some ways you use your screen saver? Do these tips help improve productivity at work too?

Screensavers used to prevent screen burn, but now they exist to have something on your monitor while you're not using the computer. Perfect for Christmas customization! Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes a new opportunity to customize your screen saver. Whether you're looking for something on-theme or want some general holiday cheer, there are plenty of options available online! If you have any other thoughts on how to use screensavers in marketing, let us know below. We'd love to hear from our readers. What type of screen savers do you typically choose? Do they provide value beyond simply protecting your monitor?

Tis the Season to Be Jolly

We hope that this list has been helpful, and if you're still looking for ways to customize your Windows 10 experience, we encourage you to check out the Microsoft Store. Maybe you want a festive background image or some seasonal music? Be sure to let us know how these options work for you! Happy holidays from all of us at The Geeks Group.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and spread some Christmas cheer! Whether that means putting up a tree, buying gifts for friends or family, or just baking cookies to share with your neighbors. Whatever it is you do this holiday season, make sure it's done with love -- the same love we hope will fill our hearts when we think of all those who can't be here in person celebrating with us. Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Desktop Wallpapers. Why It's So Important That You Change NOW!

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