How to Google works

 How to Google works

What is Google?

Google is actually a media partner that helps you take other people's news to you and your question to others. And at the same time the two sides of the aisle combine with the information I want to know, so of course I think of Google as a medium.


But we will not find the right answer to our question because in technical language or technically Google is a search engine. Search engine is an engine where we search for something and immediately that engine starts searching for something on our behalf. Google does this and when we give him various information, he immediately starts searching.

If you want to know any information, Google is at hand. Google is so popular right now that the word "google" is even in the dictionary! Asking someone something often leads to the answer, "Google it!" But do you know how Google does the job of finding information?

It's hard to find people who use the internet but haven't heard of Google, but there are other search engines besides Google, such as Yahoo, bing, duckduckgo, etc. These are popular for their individuality and are known as search engines. However, in terms of popularity, there is no other search engine around Google at present.

The way Google search engine works

Because you know Google knows the answers to all the questions. But how Google knows the answer to all the questions is a website itself. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Don't you ever wonder how this Google works, how this Google aggregates information from all the websites? And arranges them as page after page with different banks for your benefit. In today's post we don't know how Google works Google is a website but if you have to search any website then you go to Google and search. But one thing to keep in mind is that not all websites have information but Google does. If I created a website today, it would take about three days to a week to get from that website to Google.

Because Google will do its own algorithm and keep visiting all the websites in the world. And it may take a while for her to start dating. Because of this the new website is in the ranking of Google and it may take about three to five days or a week. Now when we do a Google search for something that has been called or viewed by all the websites.

The technology of each search engine is different, the technique of creating index is also different

In the language of search engines, they are called "spiders". They regularly visit every link on the Internet. Each time a site is visited it collects new links to the site and deletes lost or dead links from the server.

First, Spider collects words or keywords from various popular pages. Then follow the links to other pages on that site. Go to those pages and follow the other links there. In this way, the journey of the spider continues. The spider enters the site from time to time to see if there are any new changes.

For example, every day new articles are being published on the Ten Minute School blog, but no one has informed Google's Spider. But if you search on Google with the title of the articles, you will see that the articles of the Ten Minute School have come up with the results! Because Spider doesn't know about the new writings, but he does know Ten Minute School! So he constantly visits the Ten Minute School website and enriches his database by following all the links, and crawls these new articles in that space.

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