Need to know a computer skill?

 Need to know a computer skill?

It is very important for any student to know typing. Maybe it is on mobile or computer but it is best if it is on computer because typing is still basically what we mean by computer typing. If you are good at typing then your life will be much easier. And it's also a skill to say the least, because many companies now rely solely on typing speed with job circulars. Even typing speed is the main skill in many government jobs. So if you can develop this skill, you can get a job in any small company at any time. There are thousands of other benefits. Most of the time our typing skills are not developed due to our little effort. There are also many people who have zero typing skills despite having a computer at home.

Language skills

It is very important to acquire proficiency in several languages ​​from student life. Since we are Bengalis it is very natural that we already have a language proficiency which is Bengali. However, in our professional life, the Bengali language alone may not be enough. Because we know that Bengali is the language of only 300 million people in the world. So you need to master some of the languages ​​that are spread all over the world. If it is not possible for you to learn more than two languages, then at least become proficient in English. And it's the easiest thing to do in student life. Because there is a lot of time in student life.

Writing skills

It is also a skill to express clearly what you are thinking. So, in any case, whatever is to be written, be it project report or class notes, there should be a cleanliness in everything. In particular, if you have to create a memo for a coworker or a report for a boss at work, you need to understand what to write, how much to write. Make it a habit to write something in straightforward language, in short. At the same time keep in mind: grammar, punctuation, spelling should be correct in writing.

Listening Skills

This is also a skill. Anyone who listens to others in the workplace, that is, the 'good listener', has a different importance. But they are seen as productive workers in the organization. Because if you hear something quickly and understand what is being asked from you, then it is to your advantage. It will catch the eye of the boss, will also create good relations with colleagues. If you can make this habit in your personal life too, there are many benefits in making different decisions in life and understanding other people. But not everyone is a good listener. Many times those who are considered good listeners also behave in such a way that it seems that he is not paying any attention. Those who listen attentively will see that they do a few things. For example, talking eye to eye. When another person speaks, do not speak in his own words. Don't be fussy. Shake your head between words. Sitting slightly leaning towards the speaker. Only after the speaker has finished asking the necessary questions.

Verbal communication

Whether at work or elsewhere, it is important to be clear about what you want to say, in what tone you are speaking, what your body language is like when you speak, and much more. So when you are talking about something, make it clear to yourself what you are saying about it. Many spoke very quickly. Again, the voices of some people are such that they cannot be understood. In the case of verbal communication, however, you need to speak very clearly so that others can understand. At the same time, it should be noted that the language should be simple. No need to use figurative language. If necessary, you can ask the other person if he understands you. This will facilitate communication between you.

Organizational Skills

There are some people who can work very well. Those who have such skills will see that they can do any work without any haste. Multiple assignments can be done very easily and there are only nominal mistakes in their work. Many of us cannot work neatly. But only a few things can make this habit. The first task is to make a list of tasks. This time, share which work is more important and which work is less important. As you finish the work, keep ticking. Smartphone, computer, tablet or handwritten notebook — whichever is convenient, make this list. Set a deadline for each task on the calendar. Give reminders if needed. Follow a routine.

Graphic Designing:

In our educational institution, one or the other event is organized throughout the year Magazines, banners and posters are required for the promotion of the event And if you're good at using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on your computer, who's going to stop you? But you will be called first for all these works!

Nowadays people are being recruited for any job who have at least a basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator. So it is understood that nowadays there is a demand for skilled people in the work of these two softwares. Using these develops creative talents. At the same time, different paths of career formation are opened. There are many uses for Photoshop in our lives. In addition to creating a career, it is helpful to find a part-time job

If you do not have these softwares, there are many free editing softwares and tools available. If you acquire this skill, your Facebook pictures will also become more interesting than everyone else. This skill will come in handy even in presentations. By using different effects and video clips, your presentation will become simpler and different from others.

Basic computer hardware:

If any part of the computer or phone is damaged, it is important to learn at least the basic way to fix it. We need to know how to buy and use software. You also need to know how to keep the PC clean and virus free. You also need to have an idea about RAM, hard disk, basic input and output devices.

If you know these little things yourself, you don't have to rush to the store with your monitor or phone. Money will also survive. And with that money you can buy a book of your choice.

Working online:

There are so many types it's hard to say. For example: freelancing, online business, blogging, marketing, copywriting, etc. To do that you need your own desktop or laptop. So if you want to work online but need to master computer skills!


Research means searching. Research is to search for a topic in different web browsers and take note of it For example: why is this? What is it for? What is the benefit if it is? Research does not mean just collecting data for assignments. Research also means revealing the truth! Research is done only when someone is looking for a solution to a problem. Research is also needed to create a project.

Acquiring these skills will put you far ahead of your peers in all respects. These subjects can often be learned on their own. You can also do courses with these if you want. If you find a ‘Youth Welfare Society’ in your area, enroll there and take a course on any one of them. Even though these are government, the cost is a little less. And after the end of the test there is a system of certificates. You can use this certificate in many places later.

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