How to start a freelancing career?

 What is freelancing?

How to start a freelancing career?

Everyone who reads our article must have heard about freelancing, what is freelancing and how to start a freelancing career. Many are involved in freelancing with a known relative or friend.

Many relatives, friends and acquaintances are earning a lot of money from freelancing every month. After reading our article today, you will be able to know about freelancing from the beginning and what is freelancing and how they are making money for your relatives and friends.

Freelancing Career Guidelines


Freelancing and outsourcing have greatly reduced the employment demand of a large number of unemployed people in Bangladesh. It is a profession where there is no set time to work. You can work whenever you want, wherever you want.

Here you just need to master a certain field. The scope of freelancing and outsourcing is very large. It covers all areas of graphics design, from photo editing to video making, video editing. You will also find many jobs here, including web design, coding, animation making, and blogging.

However, we will cover everything in this article. Our topic here is Freelancing and Freelancing and Outsourcing Career Guidelines. So let's get started without delay.

What skills do you need to do freelancing?

Many people are confused as to whether I can really do Freelancing. What things are needed for this job? In fact, it doesn't take much to get started. The first thing you need is willpower and patience. If you have these, you will succeed in this sector instantly.

In addition, you will need skills to communicate with the client and to know how to operate English. Good internet related ideas and the ability to find different resources from Google and YouTube will help you a lot in this regard. These are the essentials that will make you eligible for freelancing.

How newcomers can come into the freelancing profession

If I think back to 2010, I wonder how we worked and how we learned to work at that time. In the space of 10 years, it has become easier for newcomers to enter the world of freelancing.

At that time, around 2010, most people did not have computers in their homes. Under the auspices of the present government, it has become much easier now.

So newcomers to the world of freelancing are no longer a problem. All the information related to freelancing is available on the internet. You can find out more about this on Google or YouTube.

Moreover, there are many good training centers, starting from various online courses of professional quality; Where you can gain skills by training.

But one thing is for sure. Freelancing is not a profession where you can earn a very good income just by working for one month.

Online paid freelancing course

Many paid freelancing courses are available online from local and foreign freelancers. However, if you want to take a paid freelancing course online, I would say that it is better to take paid courses from various famous freelancers abroad.

They leave their paid courses on popular websites like Udemy, Udacity. From here you can learn freelancing by completing various courses for a very low price of 10 to 30 dollars.

Freelancing training

Freelancing training is a little different from the conventional freelancing courses. For example, the Government of Bangladesh has a program called Learning and Development Program (LEDP).

Although the government's LEDP freelancing training is free, most freelancing training will have to be learned with your money.

Here you will be taught how to get money, starting from getting a freelance job hand-to-hand.

Freelancing work in Bangladesh

There is a lot of work to be done in Freelancing Bangladesh and new work is being created every day.

For example, if someone opens a website, he needs two freelancers to design the website and develop the website.

Also, if he wants to do various photo video editing on this website, then he needs video editor, graphic designer.

Ways to get a freelance job in Bangladesh

Freelancers working in Bangladesh accept payment methods

The payment method of freelancers in Bangladesh is very simple

If you have a personal or your family's bKash account, you can receive payments from that bKash account. This is the most common method of receiving payment from freelancers in Bangladesh.

However, if the amount of money is much higher, I will tell you that you will withdraw the money with a bank account without developing the case. Then no money can be deducted from you.

Many people are a little worried about whether their clients will pay for freelancing payments. A common thing in this case is that if the client pays you for the first time, he will have to pay again and again.

So when working on behalf of the client, it is very important to receive the first payment. Before working as well, you will see if the client's ID is a fake ID.

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