What is camera? Which camera would be best for you?

 What is camera?

Best camera for you so, Lets go :-

The best professional camera for you will be dependent on what you shoot. If you're a fashion, portrait or beauty photographer you'll want a camera with a high resolution so you can crop in and print images large scale. Sports and news photographers should be more concerned about things like burst rates and tracking capabilities while professional landscape photographers will need a camera with excellent weather sealing as well as lots of megapixels. 

Who doesn't take pictures?

Everyone wants to frame a special moment. What a beautiful moment, whether with a loved one or a travel memory, will remain on the album. Although the picture is not very much in the album now, in the digital age trust phone memory card or PC / laptop hard disk. And it goes without saying that there is no need to take pictures. I have a mobile phone at hand. And the point-and-shoot or DSLR is fairly affordable, depending on the demand for a little better photography. As a result, even though a lot of pictures are taken, the number of good pictures is insignificant. Digital media has given benefits but the pity on the picture has decreased. Much like the economy's 'supply increases, prices fall'.

However, the pictures we see the most are basically travel photos. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. And for that you need a camera.

 Which camera should I take?

When you go to the store, you can see that the buyer-seller is discussing a lot about the 'megapixels' of mobile, point and shoot or DSLR. Let me say here that if the megapixels are more, the picture will look better in the camera, it is not completely correct. How good the camera is depends on the camera sensor. And that's why as the size of the sensor increases, so does the price. Digital sensors are what the film was on the analog camera. I am discussing this for those who do not know this matter. Because a lot of people are unaware of this and can't decide which camera to use.

DSLR is now popular

At one time DSLR cameras were used only by professional photographers. But now many people use DSLR cameras, with a variety of lenses within their means. Those who do not have the interest or ability to buy a DSLR now have a smart mobile camera phone.

The people of the country are now very interested in taking pictures. Even a few years ago, there was a good and big camera showroom in Dhaka, a shop called Mitali in Dhaka Stadium. Now there are at least 50 camera shops in Bashundhara City Shopping Complex.

DSLR cameras of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Pentax and many more brands are available in the market now. Fancy photographers use a kit lens with a good camera. Kit lens means 18-55mm normal lens. With this lens, an amateur photographer can take good pictures as much as he can, but with the purchase of at least two more lenses as required, everything can be done fairly well.

These two lenses can be পারেন you can buy a 75mm prime for portrait photography. You can also buy an 80-200mm or 80-300mm zoom lens if you can afford it. It allows you to take good pictures of distant objects.

There are different brands of cameras in the market, all of which are good! The number of Canon and Nikon users is much higher. Many current camera users are now buying Sony cameras, some are buying Fuji cameras.

There are many high quality photography institutes in the country today. You can take a basic course so that you can get a basic idea of ​​photography, you can also read photography books, there are lots of photography books available in the country now. These books will play a big role in teaching you photography.

There is a camera, so the phone is smart

Nowadays journalism is also done on mobile cameras. Now there are sophisticated smartphones available in the market, these smartphones have great photography, even videography. Bigger news than that, the cinematography of the wedding on this smartphone is also at home and abroad. When you just buy, you have to try and buy what are the advantages of a mobile.

Among the famous brands, you can buy any of the smartphones of iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, Huawei etc., see if there is a little more space at the time of purchase. See if it is above 15 megapixels. Of course, megapixels are not very important for taking good pictures. Good pictures are possible with a low megapixel camera! Megapixels are needed to enlarge the image.

How many types of cameras?

The price of the camera

At the present time we see the use of different types of cameras around us, some of these cameras are-

1. DSLR camera

2. Mirrorless camera

3. Smartphone camera

4. Film camera

5. Action Camera / Go-Pro Camera

Each of the above cameras has some wonderful features. Let's talk about them then.

DSLR camera

Many of us have a hobby and many of us do photography from a place of professionalism. This DSLR camera seems to be the most popular thing among the mentioned professional photographers. In the present age, very good quality DSLR cameras are always available at a price ranging from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 100,000.

2. Mirrorless camera

Mirrorless digital cameras are part of a growing trend of compact system cameras starting in the mid-2000s. Now most of the big camera brands like Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Fujifilm have launched their own line of mirrorless cameras.

3. Smartphone camera

Nowadays, we see more or less smartphones in the hands of everyone around us. In this case, the popularity of smartphones as well as the camera attached to it is increasing very fast. You can enjoy the features of this camera for money.

4. Film or movie camera

With this camera, film producers convert many moving scenes into slow motion and then capture the desired image in the form of a certain frame. He made a complete film by combining all the captured images together. For those who like to work with videography or animation as a hobby, this camera may be the greatest tool.

5. Action camera

Many of us are addicted to creating video blogs. In this case, an action camera can be your faithful companion. With an action camera, you can easily capture all the moving or still images in any movement that captures video. In today's market you can grab a very good quality Go-Pro or action camera for Rs 8,000-15,000.

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In ancient times, painters used to paint a picture of all their famous works with the stroke of a notebook-pen or paint-brush.

After that, they would mix different types of chemicals in their pictures and save them for a long time. This is how the unveiling of the camera theory began. However, turning the pages of history, it is seen that in 1021, the Iraqi scientist Ibn al-Haytham was the first to reveal the details of the camera in his book Ar-Manaji.

In the evolution of time, around 1550, the German scientist Gerolam Kardano added a lens to the camera, which was truly an unprecedented discovery.

A new dimension was added to the history of the camera in 1828, when Joseph Naispo was able to take pictures using light on a bituminous plate in the first wooden box.

Shortly afterwards, William Talbot, a painter, was able to complete the process from a negative image to a positive image in order to capture images permanently.

A year later, celluloid film was replaced by paper film, which gave a different dimension to the world of cameras. Kodak's Steven Sasson unveiled the digital camera to the public in 1985, after more than 70 years of obsolete camera rule. Which is what is making the world drunk now.

In this day and age, the camera is a familiar commodity. In this context of digitalization, the camera is not only used as a memory capture device, but also has many other uses. Videography or choreography is perhaps the most beautiful example of this.

Movies, dramas, TV shows, documentaries, whatever I say, at the root of everything is the absolute dominance of this digital little box called camera. For this far-reaching contribution to science, the camera is capable of taking pictures of everything that is visible today, as well as of the small intestine inside humans.

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