What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phone?

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phone?

Everyone is using mobile phones today and mobile phones are being used in various fields like entertainment, work, communication, socialization etc.

Nowadays, people can't even imagine their life without a smartphone.

However, in earlier times there were small mobiles through which only simple tasks like voice call, SMS etc. could be done.

The importance of mobile phones.

In earlier times when we were thinking of using internet we needed a computer or laptop.

But today's modern mobile phones are made with all the technology through which you can use the Internet like a computer along with voice calls.

And because of this the importance and use of mobile phone is increasing day by day. Moreover, through this you can play many beautiful and interesting games like computer.

Moreover, 15-20 years ago, no one ever thought that in the future it will be so easy for us to communicate through mobile.

If I use a smartphone myself, will I try to move without a mobile one day? You can easily understand how important the use of mobile is in our life.

Mobile Phone Features -

  • All GSM phones use a SIM card.
  • All phones facilitate talking and texting users.
  • All phones have a battery, which provides power to the phone.
  • Input work is done using the set key pad.
  • Nowadays input can be used using touch screen in modern smartphones.
  • Each phone has an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Having it makes it possible for the tracker system to be stolen ', or the set to be recovered.
  • All devices have a single IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number.

The importance of mobile phones

Mobile phones have revolutionized modern civilization. Now I see mobile phones in everyone's hands. What a joy to take a selfie tied to a stick, and smile! Children, the elderly, farmers, rickshaw pullers, drivers, garment workers, ferrymen - all classes of people now have mobile phones. It is very important to send any inquiries, news, pictures, messages with people from any part of the world at any time. Cheap and time consuming, mobile phones are becoming more and more important. And with that, the importance of mobile phone has increased.


Mobile phones provide instant communication with friends, family, colleagues and indeed the majority of the world's population.

Unlike previous communication devices, these can always be on hand for the caller and can be used wherever there is a signal.

Take pictures and make videos

With modern mobile phones you can take beautiful and attractive pictures like digital camera. We all now like to take pictures or selfies in different styles.
Moreover, you can record videos professionally through mobile. There are many YouTube bars that record their uploads with mobile phones.

To entertain
Today's smartphones are in many cases made for the purpose of entertaining people. All these mobiles come with 5 inch to 6 inch HD display.

Through which you can watch movies, play video games, use the internet, listen to music, entertain yourself using social media.

Using GPS

GPS has been used in modern mobiles. Through which you can easily find roads, schools, colleges, hotels, etc. of unknown places.

And all this is possible through the use of google map. Using Google Maps you will find many more places including this road, school, college hospital.

Using the Internet

A few years ago when we were thinking of using the internet, it was only possible with a computer or laptop.

But today you can use internet 24 hours a day through mobile. Using the internet, you can talk to different friends on social media, watch videos, do online shopping.

Earn money with mobile

You may know that money can be earned with mobile from home. Many are earning money with mobile. You can do these things as part time or full time if you want.

In addition, you can work with mobile, such as income from YouTube, money from blogging, captcha typing can do a variety of work.

I myself started blogging with mobile as a part-time first. But now I do professional blogging through computer.

Acquire education and do research

We are currently taking classes online at home due to the corona virus. That is why the demand for mobile phones in education is increasing a lot.

Moreover, if you want to do some new research, you can find out all kinds of information from the internet through mobile. Suppose you want to know about NASA. In this case you can know the information from mobile.

Watching live TV

Nowadays live TV has become a popular medium for smartphones. You can watch every TV channel through mobile.

For this you will get various apps or software, you can download and install them on your phone and watch tv through internet. You can have fun watching because of the large HD display on the mobile.

(flash light)

It is often seen that very simple things are needed for many purposes. When you travel at night, of course, the flash light of your mobile comes in handy.

If your cell phone did not have a flash light, you would need to use a separate flashlight, which would be a nuisance to you.

Video call

Modern mobiles of this period are offered front font camera and rear camera. With this font camera we can easily talk in video call with friends and loved ones.

Play games

In the past, if you thought of playing games, you had to play games through computer or laptop. But today's smartphones are made so powerful that you can play high quality gaming.

Popular games of the present time are free fire, pubg, clash of clans. You can play all these games through mobile. There are also many popular games that can be played via mobile phone.

Make notes and text
You can easily write your daily accounts in Notepad or Excel file. I write my blog articles on mobile.

In the same way, you can save important things of your business or office by typing them on your mobile device. For this you can download different mobile applications or software from Google Playstore.

 Mobile banking activities

You can do mobile banking banking transactions at home without going to the bank with your smartphone. It is possible to send money from bank through mobile, accept money, apply check book, apply debit card.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Think about how much time you are saving using a mobile device.

The benefits of mobile phones in education

India is the second largest market for smartphones. The demand for smartphones is growing faster than feature phones in the country. Important issues like literacy are involved with the increasing demand for smartphone devices.

Such information has come up in a recent research report of Cyber ​​Media Research, a market research institute. News: Business Standard.

There is no clear study on the relationship between literacy rate and smartphone sales. However, data analysis has shown that people in states with higher literacy rates in India use smartphones more.

According to the research report, people in states with higher literacy rates in India use smartphones more than feature phones. Due to this, the use of smartphones is more prevalent among the citizens of Kerala, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat.

Students are becoming more and more attracted to mobile phones, which is detrimental to their studies.
Can easily get involved with crime tendencies.
Mobile networks are extremely harmful to the human body.
Babies are becoming more and more attracted to mobile usage.
It is easy to deceive others.
As a result of its excessive use, people get infected with various diseases.

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