What is software? Know about software?

 What is software? Know about software?

 What is software?

Software is some instruction, deta or program for managing a computer and performing certain tasks. In simple terms, software tells a computer how to operate. You cannot see or touch the software because the software is made up of different codes and (computer language). Software is used for applications or scripts or programs run on devices such as computers, mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.

Without software but computer is absolutely useless. Let me give you an example. Web browser is an application software and this web browser rhyme but you could not read this article of mine. No.

Definition of software

What software really describes is a very difficult subject. Because, it is a software like computer hardware which cannot be seen or perceived. In fact, software is a virtual virtual.

Software is a general term used to describe various computer programs. If you have installed a computer application or program on your computer or laptop, it means installing software.

What is a programming language ?

A programming language is a computer language that compiles and creates certain instructions. As a result, we get different types of output on the computer.

Simply put, programming languages ​​are some of the computer languages ​​through which various computer applications and software are created.

What is PHP?

There are different types of binary data, scripts, rules, keywords. Programs are written through these codes and scripts. These texts are easily understood by the computer and complete the instructions.

Why can't software be touched or seen?

We can never see or touch any kind of software. The main reason for this is that any software is created by code and computer language.

So such software has no size. That is why the thing that does not have any physical shape or face, how to see it with your eyes or touch it with your hands.

However, the code that is used to create computer software can be seen with the help of special programs. If it were not possible to see, it would never be possible to create a computer program.

How many types of software ?

Different types of software have been created for different types of work. Different types of software have been created so that we can easily perform different types of tasks.

You may use different types of software on your mobile or computer after waking up every morning. Such as- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.

There are basically two types of software.

  1. System Software
  1. Application Software

What is system software

System Software is a program on a computer that creates an interface between computer hardware and the user. Maybe you can speak and understand different languages.

However, computers do not understand these languages. The computer system understands only one language and that is Binary Language or Binary codes. Suppose I am writing English on a computer but the computer does not understand that language.

So what can be done now? In this case interface will be required. The interface converts instructions given in our language into language that can be understood by a computer machine. As a result, computers can understand and work with languages.

The special functions of the system software are: 

Controls the various hardware of the computer through software.

Operating system is the most important system software, which must first be installed on the computer.

Computers can never work without an operating system.

The application acts as an interface between software and hardware.

Language processing requires system software, which translates the English language into a language capable of interpreting instructions into machine language.

The system software controls all the applications you install on the computer. If your computer does not have system software, you will not be able to run any other application.

How to create software?

A computer software is made up of different numbers 0 and 1. These numbers are called binary codes. Computer systems can only understand the instructions made with these binary codes.

When a developer creates software, he uses different programming languages. Those who create software using these programming languages ​​are called software developers or programmers.

It is very difficult to understand the binary codes. So a developer creates software using C, C ++, PHP, JavaScript, Python etc.

If you want to learn how to make software, then you need to take a software development course.

What is application software?

Software that is created specifically to perform a specific type of specific and single work is called application software.

In general, it can be called a program or collection of programs, which is used by the end user.

In other words, every software that is neither a “system software” nor a “programming software” is an application software.

Examples of application software

  1. MS-office (excel, power point, word)
  2. Internet browser (Firefox, Safari, chrome)
  3. Media player (real player, KM player, Gom player)
  4. Paint
  5. Photoshop

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