Discover some of the best of the year

Discover some of the best of the year

Discovery refers to the creation of a new kind of thing, device or subject, innovation of technology, processing, etc. individually or as a group. The modern computer was also an invention when it was first discovered. The person or group concerned declares that the origin of any new technology, thing or thing has been discovered by any person or group. Recognized as the invention of making alternative things for the development of previously invented instruments or things. Cars and related equipment used in communication systems were discovered at some point which we all know. One who invents one or all of those things, instruments or subjects is known as an inventor in public or through publicity. That is, discovery is the thing created by the discoverer. Intellectual property law legally protects inventors' rights as intellectual property.

The idea is also known as discovery. The character created by the writers and the presentation of that character in the story are also part of the discovery.

Another type of discovery is cultural discovery which is important for social behavior through the introduction of new practices. This practice is adopted by socialized people and spread among each other. As the most important element, it also plays a unique general role in artists, craftsmen and creativity. It often encompasses a wide range of backgrounds, enriching human knowledge, sharing experiences or illuminating abilities.

Head replacement!

For the past four decades, the best scientists-researchers-doctors around the world have been working tirelessly to discover a cure for paralysis. Since the main cause of paralysis is injury to the spinal cord (spinal cord) in the middle of the spine, how the spinal cord works, how to make it more secure or how to heal the injured cord has long been a source of headache for researchers.

But recently Dr. Sergio Canavero made a groundbreaking discovery in this field of medicine. He plans to cut, repair, and attach the spinal cord with magnetic induction. For this, a single operation will cost more than one and a half crore dollars (about 130 crore Bangladeshi rupees)!

Wi-Fi around the world!

Almost all of us have problems with internet when we go to the village. The Internet has not yet reached 50% of remote areas in Asia, Africa and even Europe. But soon this problem will no longer exist! An organization called OneWeb on behalf of the Virgin Group has been working to bring the whole world under Wi-Fi in just ten years.

In 2017, they will launch ten satellites, by 2028, OneWeb's 900 satellites will orbit the earth! Wi-Fi will reach all over the world - deserts, seas, mountain peaks, canyons, no one will ever have to worry about internet anymore.

Automated delivery car

The self-propelled delivery car 'Nuro Artu' has caused quite a stir after hitting the road. The pressure to supply food has increased as the number of food collectors with daily orders has increased. "This is by far the most commercially and technically successful car in the world," the Nuro website said. Known as 'Artu' for short, this self-driving car is expected to change the future of civilization.

New generation bicycles

The use of bicycles is increasing all over the world. Keeping in mind the new generation of users, the transport company has brought a new model of bicycle to the market. Electricity can be used to keep its pedals active. Can run at 60 miles per hour. Which is not possible with previous generation bicycles.However, this new model of bicycle has not yet been put up for sale in the elevator showrooms.

Lenovo's smart glasses

Smart glasses are known to many. Such glasses are always available in the market. However, computer company Lenovo's 'Ethri Smart Glass' has been listed by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of the year. Because, these glasses have a maximum of 5 different virtual desktops. So if you turn your head after wearing these glasses, you can see that the desktop is also turning. With the speaker, you can listen to the song with all your heart.

Supersonic jet-aircraft

High speed supersonic jet aircraft 'Boom XB-One'. The 71-foot-long futuristic aircraft has been named one of Time Magazine's Best Discoveries. It will be able to move at an incredible speed, the report said. It will be able to fly from New York to London in less than half the time of current jets.

Hearty robot

Robots are commonly called heartless. However, now there is a 'hearty' robot in the market. A sick child at a clinic was not eating anything, Time reported. Clinic staff brought the robot 'Robin' to his room. Then they play games together.

When the time is up, Robin promises to come back to her if she eats! It worked.

Google will detect cancer

Google X Laboratory has been working for the advancement of medical science for a long time. Working together in the two fields of nanotechnology and medicine, Google's research lab has made wonderful discoveries, with a new addition to its list - the cancer detection pill. In most cases, early detection of cancer is more likely to cure it, and the longer it takes to detect, the greater the risk of death.

Unfortunately, very few people get regular medical check-ups (even one percent of people in our country do not get regular check-ups), so the rate of early detection of cancer is very low. So everyone expects this Google pill to play a significant role in cancer prevention.

From the name of nano-technology, it is understood that it deals with all the subtle technologies! Google researchers have not yet been able to make this pill usable for everyone, because these impossibly tiny nanoparticles are very difficult to control properly, and these particles can cause chaos in the human body if they are a little sideways! So we have to wait a few more days for this cancer detector pill.

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