Some valuable discoveries of man

Technology is a great blessing for human beings. These discoveries are not forbidden or cursed for human beings. There is no chance to back away from the fact that it is haraam to use all the discoveries of science. Throughout the ages, prophets and messengers have used the best technology of their time. They have shown expertise in everything from da'wah work. Therefore, technology is beneficial for the entire human race including Islam and Muslims.

More exciting technology is coming to us in the future, which may change the way we think about life. But now I will highlight some of the fancy discoveries of science here.

‘WiFi’ around the world: Almost all of us have problems with the internet when we go to the village. Internet services have not yet reached 50 percent of remote areas in Asia, Africa, and even Europe. But soon there will be no problem. An organization called 'One Web' is working on behalf of Virgin Group. They will bring the whole world under WiFi in 10 years. They are launching 10 satellites in 2018, by 2026 900 satellites of 'One Web' will orbit the earth. Wi-Fi will reach all over the world, in the desert, in the sea, on the tops of the mountains, in the canyons, no one will ever have a problem with the internet anywhere.

Google will detect cancer: Medical scientists at Google X Laboratory have been working for progress for a long time. Google's research lab has made great discoveries in  and medicine. A new addition to the list is the cancer detection pill. In most cases, early detection of cancer is more likely to cure it. The longer it takes to identify, the greater the risk of death. So everyone expects Google's pill to play a significant role in cancer prevention.

Printed organ

The paper case has 3D printing. But many of us don't know that scientists are also experimenting with bioprinting. A company called Organovo recently printed a portion of the human liver that lasted about 40 days. The significance of this landmark event is enormous, as it has the potential to enable scientists to print all types of human limbs.

Smartphones in glasses

Google recently introduced a new product called Google Glass. It is basically a smart phone in the form of glasses. All the displays of the phone can be seen through the glasses and the phone will continue to work as soon as it is spoken. It has the maximum advantage of using a smartphone without the use of hands.

Headphones will understand your mind

Neuro Wire is made by Mico Headphones. It has a sensor that can detect the mood of the listener. These headphones can set three types of moods depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Understands the type of mental state of the listener and plays the useful song by himself.

Automatically driven car

Many companies are now building cars that can run automatically. American automotive and energy storage company Tesla Motors recently announced the development of a car using a newer version of the Model S software. This software will help in narrow road traffic, speed control and distance from nearby vehicles.

Digital translator

The phrase-letter P-2 invented by the Voxtech company is capable of translating more than one lakh English words into 80 different languages. It will benefit tourists or travelers. At the same time, it will play a positive role in providing emergency medicine to the army and law enforcement agencies.

Find out what your dog is thinking

No More Wolf made a collar. It is the first device capable of translating animal thoughts into English. This will let you know when your dog is hungry, tired and excited.


Researchers at the University of Vienna have discovered a quantum teleportation device. Although it does not transport people or objects. But it transmits it by taking a quantum state and reflecting it similarly. It sounds crazy but it is true.

Force field

Boeing has invented a concentrated laser that acts as a force field around unmanned aerial vehicles. Lasers are small and light which helps in moving from one place to another.

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