Which TV or monitor to buy?

Which TV or monitor to buy?

Whenever we go to buy a TV or monitor, we think which TV or monitor should we buy?

The reason is that if you buy a monitor, you can run the computer and watch TV.
Similarly, if you buy a TV, you can watch TV and run the computer by connecting it to the CPU.

But there are many differences between TV and monitor so you must know before buying a TV or monitor.
The TV we use to entertain us with a variety of entertainment items, the colors we see on the TV are very bright and the different colors combine to create a beautiful picture that makes us enjoy watching any kind of show on TV. .

TV makes any kind of pictures and videos more beautiful by using colors very nicely so that it looks beautiful to our eyes.

Somewhat different than monitor TV. The monitor tries to show you as accurate a color as possible. So if you do any kind of photo design or work related to different colors then you can use the right color.

The monitor shows the color of the picture. As a result, we have the advantage of various tasks, but the monitor does not show a very good color when used like a TV, so the monitor does not look very nice when watching an entertainment item.Again, using the TV, you will not be able to do any kind of color work on the computer.

So computer monitors and TVs are made for different purposes.

If you use the monitor on the computer, it is better to watch the entertainment again and you can watch it through the monitor.

But when the TV is connected to the computer as a monitor, the exact color cannot be understood, which can lead to many difficulties in working on the computer.

The term "monitor" was used only a few days ago to refer only to computers. But over time, the type and use of monitors has changed. Many people buy monitors separately just to watch games or movies or do graphics work. - To give you an idea about the definition monitor so that you can easily choose the monitor you need.

Before moving on to the main topic, you must know some of the following terms--

 LCD Monitor - A liquid crystal display that uses fluorescent light as a backlight. It's basically for gamers and TV viewers. If you use a monitor / TV in bright light or during the day, then an LCD monitor will be ideal for you. Because there is no pair of LCD to show pictures in bright light (LCD shows brighter pictures than plasma monitors). It consumes less electricity than plasma. However, on this monitor you will not be able to watch TV at a wide angle (details below).

Plasma Monitor / TV-- This monitor / TV is usually for watching movies. Pictures If you watch a movie in low light (at night or in a room with low light or in a home theater) then a plasma TV / monitor will be ideal for you. Moreover, plasma monitors will allow you to watch TV at a wider angle than an LCD TV. The only downside is that it consumes more current than an LCD

LED TV - Basically an LCD TV that uses LED instead of conventional fluorescent light as a backlight. This is why it has better contrast and color accuracy than LCD monitors.

High Definition (HD) TV / Monitor - The latest plasma / LCD monitor with higher resolution than conventional monitors. Contrast ratios are preferred over pixels for high definition monitors for image clarity. Only 1080i or 720p is considered true HDTV. And HDTV screens consider 1080p as the standard.

The difference between a normal smart TV and an Android TV
There is a lot of difference between a normal LED smart TV and an Android smart TV.

Smart tv works by Linux OS. However, Google's Android OS is offered on Android TV.
Only limited apps can be used on Smart TV. However, on Android TV you can download and install as many apps as you want.
Smart TV and Android Smart TV, both can access the Internet via WIFI. However, only on Android TV can you use advanced web browsers (Google chrome, Firefox, etc.).
You can't find "Google play store" on ordinary smart TV. But, you will definitely find it in the Play Store on Android TV.
The user-interface of a smart TV will continue to get old from time to time. But, you will get regular system / apps / OS updates on Android TV. As a result, the user-interface will continue to improve over time.
Then you understand what are the main differences between these two types of modern LED smart tv.

Ordinary smart TV or Android TV? Which one should I buy?
See, the answer to this question depends entirely on your usage, needs and wants.
The price of any ordinary LED smart TV is much higher than that of ordinary TV.So, if you are thinking of buying a smart tv,

Then you will get smart TVs of different brands or companies

  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • MI
  • Nokia
  • Philips
  • One plus y series LED smart tv
  • LG smart tv
  • TCL smart tv
  • Onida

Also, you will find smart TVs of other companies in the Indian market.In general, you can get a 32 inch smart TV for around Rs.14,000 / - to Rs.16,000 / -.

Now if you are asking that,"Should I buy a tv with normal Linux OS or a tv with Android OS?"Then my answer would be,"You must buy an android LED smart tv".

Because, as I said before, an android TV uses Google's android OS.

So, in this case you will get all the benefits and features of android on your TV with an up-to-date system.You can download and use thousands of apps of your choice directly from the google play store.And, this feature is not given to you on a Linux based smart smart TV.

In the end, the price of an Android based smart tv is not much higher than that of a Linux based LED TV.

There are many common price differences between these two types of TVs.

So, to have all kinds of fun on your TV, I would definitely recommend buying an Android smart tv.Our last word,
Then you understand, what are the things you need to know before buying a smart TV.

When buying a smart TV, you must see whether that TV is a normal smart TV with Linux OS or an advanced smart TV with Android OS.Moreover, the screen type of your TV must be Full HD, HD + or 4k.My advice at the end is, you can compare the price of your favorite TV model with other companies.

Buy a smart TV from the company that is giving you the TV at a lower price with the same configuration and features.So, I myself have been using "MI android smart TV" for about 2 years now and my TV is still working well.You can get MI's android smart tv at a much lower price than other companies' smart TVs.Hope you enjoyed today's article on smart TV.

Here are 5 things you should keep in mind before buying a Smart TV

  1. Here are five things to keep in mind when buying a new TV
  2. The screen size of the TV and how far you should watch the TV will be the two issues first
  3. Also take a look at what features should be focused on, including resolution and connectivity.
  4. Are you thinking of buying a new TV? Do not understand how to buy a good TV? Buying a smart TV these days is not an easy task. Each brand offers TVs of different screen sizes, different resolutions. A good quality TV can run year after year. So there are a few important things to keep in mind when buying a good TV. Everything has to be verified before buying a new TV.

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