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Student life can be called a suitable time to form life. Because during this time, the students acquire some qualities and skills in addition to their studies, which will be useful to them throughout their lives. The present age is the age of information and communication technology Nowadays, everything can be said to be absolutely useless without computers What can not be done with the computer? From office work to freelancing, making school science projects, making banners for various events, college presentations, many things can be done through computer. And if you can acquire certain computer skills, you will be hundreds of times ahead of your classmates!

But if you want to learn these skills, you need to have an internet connection. Internet connection will bring you under the network of the whole world. This will make your work easier and more fun! Just as it is important to study before the exam, it is also important to have some computer skills before entering the job.

Therefore, among other things in school, it is important for students to have basic computer knowledge nowadays. Having a basic idea of ​​computer has now become mandatory for any job. Desire, skills and computer skills have a great impact on the personal and career of students, but why and on what subject is it important to have skills? Let's find out.
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Bengali and English typing skills:

Although we can all type comfortably on mobile, typing continuously by looking at the computer screen is a bit difficult. The general rule for typing is to be able to type 40 words per minute in English and 25 words in Bengali.

We often turn to a typist for various assignments. But if we can type well ourselves, then we will not need to type with anyone outside. This will save both your money and your time. Besides, in this age of information technology, it is not possible to do any job or business well without typing. Because, in order to maintain communication, everything from writing e-mails to other tasks requires computer and typing. So if we acquire the typing skills ourselves, then we will not have any trouble!

With this website you can easily take a free course on typing. You just have to pay them a certain amount for the certificate, if you want to get the certificate.

Document creation:

Creating a doc file through a computer is another important computer skill. Files can be created easily and for free with Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Microsoft Word is the world's most widely used document creation software. 90% of people use this software for their own work.

It is very important to learn many more small skills including making the words in the document file bigger and smaller, creating hyperlinks, making the words bold, italic in different fonts, paragraphing and many more. Presentations and notes can be easily created through these softwares.

Google and Office 365 can also be used online. As a result, not only computers, but also mobiles can be used to write and edit files from time to time. If more than one person has access to the same file in Google Doc, they can also edit it.

Mathematical Problems and Financial Management Skills:

When someone talks about a math problem or a calculation, the name Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets comes to mind. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets is basically a kind of spreadsheet. There are statistics of something shown through different types of tables. Such as: stock market indicators, work schedule of office workers, marksheets of students etc. By acquiring this skill, you will be able to do data entry work very easily. And in the current ICT sector, there is a lot of demand for jobs like data entry. This computer skill can come in handy!

Presentation Skills:

The two softwares that help us the most when creating project displays and presentations are Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Although these two softwares are used for almost the same purpose, there are several differences between them. Microsoft PowerPoint has a number of tools that make it easy for you to make your presentation interesting. And even though Google Slides doesn't have many tools, it's a great way to create a quick presentation!

Both have the option to create multiple slides. The image can be attached, music can be added, the theme can be changed, the font can be changed as well as the color and size can be changed. At the present time, you must have this computer skill!

Graphic Designing:

In our educational institution, one or another event is organized throughout the year Magazines, banners and posters are required for the promotion of the event And if you're good at using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on your computer, who's going to stop you? But you will be called first for all these works!

Nowadays, people who have at least a basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator are being recruited for any job. So it is understood that nowadays there is a demand for skilled people in the work of these two softwares. Creative talent is developed through the use of these. At the same time, various paths of career formation are opened. There are many uses for Photoshop in our lives. In addition to creating a career, it is helpful to find a part-time job.

If you do not have these softwares, there are many free editing software and tools available. If you acquire this skill, your Facebook photos will also become more interesting than everyone else. This skill will come in handy even in presentations. You will make your presentation easy to understand and different from others by using different effects and video clips.

Basic computer hardware:

If any part of the computer or phone is damaged, it is important to learn at least the basic way to fix it. We need to know how to buy and use software. You also need to know how to keep the PC clean and virus free. It is also necessary to have an idea about RAM, hard disk, basic input and output devices.

If you know all these little things yourself, you don't have to rush to the shops with your monitor or phone. Money will also survive. And with that money you can buy a book of your choice.

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