Role of computer in education.

Role of computer in education

Technology-mediated education is when the educational system is developed or the teaching process is completed through technology. Currently, the use of technology in education has increased considerably in our country of India. There are various purposes for using technology in education. By fulfilling the objectives, the learning process can be carried forward.

One of the things that has been noticed most in the use of technology in education is self-expression of students, learning becomes more focused, etc. For this reason, technology plays a significant role in education. Some of the roles of technology in education are discussed here.

What is Computer 

Computer English words. The word computer comes from English which means to calculate. A computer is called a calculating machine. through it

Calculations can be done very quickly. Computers have the ability to store, retrieve and process information. Computer Advantages: Computers

What is a computer? Its history and types

  • Early computers were calculators, but modern computers can do a variety of different tasks.
  • In today's era, therefore, computers are considered as an important part of education.
  • Moreover, workplaces too are all computer-based these days.
  • Earlier people took a lot of time to calculate, many times those calculations were wrong.
  • But, all calculations are done very quickly and accurately by computer.
  • From collecting the news of the whole world, computers help us a lot to increase our world of thoughts and knowledge.
  • From online form filling to paying any bill, everything becomes very easy through computer.
  • Connect with people from different countries at home with just one click.
  • However, along with the advantages of computers, there are also some disadvantages, such as various cybercrimes, which take place through computers.
  • Also, working on the computer for a long time causes eye strain.
  • Even among children these days the tendency to play computer games is very high. In that case, using the computer for a long time causes frustration in children.
  • Therefore, keeping in mind the advantages of computers as well as the disadvantages, you should avoid them and devote yourself to the good aspects of computers.

Computer Features

An unforgettable invention of computer science. It is a type of electronic device that collects data, analyzes the collected data and displays the results after processing. Computer is a huge memory store of information.

(1) Making the educational process interesting: The educational process can be made interesting by using electronic media with the help of computers.

(2) Speed ​​and Accuracy: Computers can work at very fast speeds. Other than that works perfectly. Can execute more than 10 lakh instructions per second.

(3) Makes the teaching-learning process easier and faster: With the help of computers, the teaching-learning process can be made easier and faster.

(4) Connectivity: By connecting many computers through a local area network (LAN), various calculations can be done on different computers based on the same data.

(5) Data storage: The computer's hard disk can store huge amounts of data. Besides, it can deliver it very quickly as needed.

(6) Application of system approach: System approach is applied in computer education. Various components of the system help the learning process to proceed.

(7) Serving various types of information: With the help of computers, the knowledge needs of students can be fulfilled by serving various types of information from the country and abroad.

(8) Performance: Computers can continue to work perfectly if there are no mechanical faults.

(9) Regeneration: Various information or graphs etc. can be stored in the memory through the computer and the information can be re-arranged as desired.

(10) Interaction: By interacting with the computer, the computer reacts according to the instructions of its software, thereby encouraging the user to implement them.

So computer is a device that plays a special role not only in education but also in business, information storage and entertainment.

The significant and important roles of technology in education are discussed below -

 1) The use of technology in the education system in education has resulted in students' self-satisfaction. Self satisfaction helps a student develop self. And technology brings self-satisfaction, it is able to express novelty in human body and mind.

2) Students develop intellectual and practical knowledge through technology. Through technology education students become self active in choosing subjects based on their own needs. That is, students are able to meet their needs through technology.


3) Using technology or adopting technology in education can pave the way for various students to become expert technologists in the future. That is, as a result of the use of technology in education, students can become experts about technology.

4) Monotonous teaching of any subject becomes boring and unsatisfying to the students. But if the teaching process is done using technology, it can eliminate boredom and is easily accepted by the students.

5) One of the role of technology in education is that students can become self-reliant very easily. Thus, technology has a significant role to play in making students self-reliant through self-activity and building strong life ideals.

6) Knowledge about technology is necessary enough to live healthy in today's society. For this reason, technology education has a substantial role in today's education system. Because through technology education students can become a skilled technician and get social status.

7) Proper and fair use of human resources in technology helps to discover new things. The use of technology in education brings satisfaction to people's minds and prevents wastage of human resources.

8) As a result of the use of technology in the field of education, students can become a developed nation in the future. Because if this modern thinking is applied in the field of education, the students will become modern and become capable of forming a developed nation.

Facilitation of computer based education

(1) Teaching based on individuality: Individuals differ in general mental abilities. Therefore, teaching the same thing at the same time does not produce the same results. But individualized teaching through computer helps to develop student's personality.

(2) Practice opportunity: Many times teachers do not remember all the discussions and teaching topics in the classroom, then the teacher can easily review the content through the computer and get the opportunity to practice.

(3) Confidence Awakening : Students can solve problems through computer learning. This solution boosts their confidence.

(4) Message transmission: Computer based education is helpful in building positive mindset. It spreads the message among the students and increases the motivation.

(5) Enhancing Activeness : Computer based education enhances the knowledge of the students as they acquire active knowledge about contemporary issues.

(6) Problem-solving learning: With the help of computers, teachers and students can solve many complex problems. It expands the scope of their knowledge.

Disadvantages of computer based education

Lack of emotion: In traditional education classroom environment is created through interaction between teacher and student, transmission of messages in the subject matter. But computer mechanics cannot evoke that feeling.

Disturbance of human relations: In the field of learning, the student develops good relations with parents, teachers and other educators. That relationship is not possible through computers. There is no human interaction through the computer, only interaction with the machine.

 Expensiveness: Due to the high cost, adequate number of computers are not available in schools.

Lack of sensitivity: In conventional teaching methods the teacher can adopt alternative measures according to the needs of the students but in computer based learning this is not immediately possible.

Disruption in content presentation: A limited range of computers can present content of a certain size. But if there is no electricity or due to some other problem it is difficult to get an accurate idea about the content.

Lack of practical experience: They learn from what is programmed into the computer. As a result, there is often a lack of practical experience.

Damage to health:

Using a computer for a long period of time is very harmful to health. Prolonged computer use

Due to the strain on the eye muscles, the eyes are damaged. This will cause serious damage to the neck and brain due to excessive use. Those who use the computer for a long time should take at least thirty minutes of rest.

Negative effects on the environment:

Inventing Computers Computer waste pollutes the environment in many ways. From broken computer parts

Toxic materials can spread to the environment. Damaged computers can cause damage to our environment.

 Waste of energy and time

Unnecessary use of computer wastes time as well as energy. The health of the body is going towards improvement.

Many people now waste time and energy playing computer games, chatting for a long time. Now the new generation spends most of their time in the virtual world and

Busy with facebook, twitter. It is bad for health. On the other hand they don't study properly due to spending these time. And it has adverse effect on social life as well.

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