What is a computer used

 What is a computer used

Computers are a device whose demand and use is increasing all over the world. No other electronic device can do as much work as a computer. A computer actually combines many types of work. So let's take a look at what a computer is used for or what can be done with a computer.

1. Use of computer in official work

In our country, computer is basically used as an alternative to typewriter in office court for word processing or writing. At present, the use of computer in all office management work has increased tremendously. For example: distribution of office work, publication of notifications, writing of letters, saving of records, maintenance of files, calculation of daily income and expenditure etc. can be done very easily by computer.


2. Use of computer in banking

There is no bank in the modern world that is not controlled by computers. In a word, all the activities of the bank like check account, credit and debit account etc. are managed by computer. As a result, customers do not have to wait for hours to receive money by depositing checks. In addition, as a result of running the bank through the use of computers, on the one hand, the customers are getting fast service and on the other hand, the officers and employees of the bank are getting relief from the work pressure. At present, it is possible to report the accounts of each bank to the central bank as soon as possible through computer network.


3. The use of computers in medicine

The use of computers in medical work has led to unprecedented development. For example, pathological tests, vision tests, cancer diagnosis, tumor formation, etc., the computer is giving fast results. Apart from this, medicines for various diseases are being prescribed and the quality of medicines is being controlled through computer.


4. In business

The use of computers in business and commerce is immense. Such as: fund transfer, balance sheet, accounting, pay-roll, income-expenditure account etc. can be done quickly by computer.


5. In mill work

All the raw material imports of the mills, accounts of exports, number of officers and workers, monthly salaries of the employees, preparation of annual reports and preparation of annual budget etc. are done by computer.


6. Use of computer for publishing

Publishing and the use of computers have increased significantly. For example: Graphics design, printing, research reports, books, letters etc. are published quickly with computer. When computers were not used for publishing, it was very difficult to publish books and it took a lot of time and money.


7. In the work of publishing newspapers

Newspaper publishing can be done very easily and quickly with the help of computer. At the same time newspapers are being published in any city of any country through computer network. In addition, customers from any part of the world can read newspapers on a computer screen or print them through a printer through the Internet.


8. In telecommunication work

The use of computers in telecommunication has led to great development in the telephone sector. By connecting between telephone and computer, it is becoming possible to send news from one part of the world to another very fast.

9. In space research

Computers are widely used in the calculation, design, and operation of spacecraft. Computers also help guide astronauts in the distant sky.


10. The use of computers in defense work

Computers play a vital role in defending bombers, warships, missiles and missiles. The use of computers in defense work has greatly improved.


11. Aviation control

Without computer, air communication all over the world including Bangladesh is useless. Computers are being used for various purposes including online seat reservation, air route determination.


12. In the work of spreading education

Various works are being done in the educational institution through computer such as calculating the salary of the students, publishing the results of quick examinations, calculating the number of students every year etc. In addition, the number of students who passed and failed according to the year can be determined by computer.


13. Used for entertainment

The use of computers for entertainment is increasing day by day. For example: playing games, listening to music, watching pictures etc. Moreover, the computer is being used as a TV by inserting a TV card in the computer

14. In determining the weather forecast

It is possible to make predictions by collecting various types of weather data through computer. As a result, we are protected from many natural disasters.

15. Use in travel transport companies

The use of computers has led to unprecedented improvements in travel transport. From online ticketing to ticket cancellation, all hotel booking activities are done through computer.


From the above discussion we came to know "what computer is used for". I hope you have come to know and understand "what can be done with a computer" through this post.

So, I hope you find this post useful about "What is a computer used for - what can be done with a computer".

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