What is motherboard? Name, contact, picture of different parts of motherboard

 What is motherboard? Name, contact, picture of different parts of motherboard

What is motherboard or motherboard introduction

A computer motherboard is basically a circuit board. And this is a circuit board which is a circuit board with printed electronics components. But the fact is that it works as the foundation of the computer.

So does the motherboard really work as the foundation of the computer? Simply put, a computer consists of numerous devices. Like CPU, RAM, hard drive and various hardware. And these devices are connected with the motherboard. So the motherboard controls all the other devices and keeps the entire system active.

Definition: The computer device with which all other devices are connected to form a complete computer is called motherboard.

If you look at the back side of a PC body, you will see a circuit board. And that circuit board is the motherboard.

Details about the motherboard

The first computer motherboard was released in 1981. That motherboard was an IBM personal computer motherboard. And this is considered as the world's first motherboard.

Another interesting thing is that the name of the motherboard was Planar. After Planar, many more names have been added day by day. Such as MB, Base Board, Mobo, Main Board, Main Circuit Board, M-Board, System Board, Planner Board, Logic Board etc.

Moreover, there are other motherboards with different names based on the size and type of computer.

Image of computer motherboard

A complete picture of the motherboard is provided courtesy of you. This picture is mainly for those of you who have seen the motherboard before. If you look at the picture carefully, you will get a clear idea about the motherboard.

What are the types of motherboards?

There are generally five types of computer motherboards. And these types depend on various factors. Such as market level, production, consumption size and capacity etc. Check out the types of computer motherboards.

  • Standard ATX motherboard (Standard ATX).
  • Micro ATX motherboard (Micro ATX).
  • Mini ITX motherboard (Mini ITX).
  • Nano ITX motherboard (Nano ITX).
  • Pico ITX motherboard (Pico ITX).

Which motherboard is better?

Many people have questions about which motherboard is better. Basically four companies are currently at the top of motherboard manufacturing. Since they are at the top, their motherboards are much better than other companies.

  The best motherboards are:

  • Asus
  • Gigabyte
  • MSI
  • ASRock

Name of different parts of motherboard

To get a good idea about the motherboard, you need to know the names of the different parts of the motherboard. So first we will know about the name and structure of motherboard controller (controller with which various devices are connected). Then I will know about the motherboard connector ports.

Let's know the controller part name and connector port details.

Motherboard IDE Controller

The full form of IDE is Integrated Drive Electronics. An IDE controller has 40 pins. These pins connect the computer's other devices to the motherboard. Like hard disk, CDROM drive, DVD drive etc. Any motherboard has two IDE controllers.

  • Primary ID controller
  • Secondary ID controller
  • Different ports on the motherboard

When you look at a computer motherboard, you will see various ports and connectors. These are very important parts of the motherboard Because all the devices including computer RAM, hard disk, graphics, memory etc. are connected to them.

Serial Port

Two serial ports are usually found on every motherboard.

Each serial port has 9 or 10 pins.

There are basically two types of serial ports. One is mail and the other is female.

Mouse and modem are connected through serial port.

Parallel Port

Another name for parallel port is line printer port. Printers are usually connected to this port. That is why this type of port is called parallel

The pin number of such port is 26. A few days ago, such ports were used to connect printers, scanners, etc. But all current printers have USB option. So now the parallel port of the motherboard is not used as before.

PS2 port on the motherboard

The PS2 port on the motherboard is used for a mouse and keyboard connection. If you look at the top of the motherboard you will see this port. Its connector is round in shape.

PS2 port mouse-keyboard is different from normal USB mouse-keyboard. Because many facility functions work in them. However, these mouse-keyboards are hardly used in modern times. Now most commonly used is normal USB mouse-keyboard.

PS2 keyboard connector port

The port used to connect a PS2 keyboard to a motherboard is the PS2 keyboard connector port. If you look at the top left corner of the motherboard you will see this port. Usually this po color is purple.

PS2 mouse connector port

The port used to connect a PS2 mouse to a motherboard is the PS2 mouse connector port. If you look at the keyboard connector in the upper left corner of the motherboard, you'll see this. Usually this po color is green.

Internet land connector port

If you want to use high speed internet directly on the computer then you need land port. Usually this port looks like four cones. Moreover, this type of port has two LED lights. The two lights confirm the internet connection status.

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