What is Sky DTH? Benefits of sky dis?

 What is Sky DTH? Benefits of sky dis?

We also have good reason to dislike the diss line of yesteryear. For example: lack of dis line, lack of channels, high quality of picture and sound, etc. But one of the best ways to avoid these problems is Aakash DTH or Aakash Dis.

Let's know the details about Aakash DTH or Aakash Dis. Know more how much is the price of Aakash Dis?

The full form of DTH is Direct to Home. That is, the signal comes directly from the satellite to the home.

Earlier dis line operators provided dis line services via cable or wire. Akash DTH is completely different.

In case of Sky DTH, the signal is directly delivered to the TV through the dish antenna from the satellite. Akash DTH is named Direct to Home as the signal reaches directly from the satellite to the receiver at the customer's home.

"Satellite Based Direct to Home or DTH Service" is Akash Dis or Akash DTH, a subsidiary of BEXIMCO Company.

If you want to use the services of Akash DIS then you will need set top box, DIS and various equipment provided by the company.

As Akash DTH broadcasts high quality crisp picture, it offers the best TV viewing experience on big screen TVs.

But you know what the funniest thing is? By using Akash DTH you can also enjoy 14 inch black and white TV very beautifully.

What are the advantages of Sky DTH or Sky Dish Antenna?

This is the advanced technology of modern generation satellite TV viewing which is an advanced alternative to the cable based dish lines of yesteryear. Through this, TV can be watched uninterruptedly throughout the year without any hassle.

The picture and sound quality of the common dis-lines of yesteryear is not exactly “High Definition (HD)”. A major reason for this is the technological limitations of the past.

This is why normal disc line images look bad or not very good on large screen TVs. Due to which watching TV is not much fun

Meanwhile, as the world becomes modern, most of the TV channels are starting to broadcast HD quality videos. But it was impossible to watch HD video on the normal disc line of yesteryear. DTH technology has brought an excellent solution to this problem.

This way you can enjoy high quality video and audio even on your big screen TV. Because with Akash Dth system one can enjoy HD quality clear picture and sound without any hassle.

The company also said they will provide customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through a call center.

There are also different schedules and guidelines based on the next seven days of programming for the channels you subscribe to, making it easy to follow specific programs as per your wish.

There are some program packages that you can resume later if you want. As a result, there is an opportunity to re-watch a program if it is missed.

In addition to these, there is the facility of listing favorite channels.

One of the great features of Akash Dth is parental control. Through which you can hide the channels that are not suitable for children.

How much is Aakash Dis or the price of Aakash Dis increases at different times.

However, the current lowest price of Akash DTH is Tk 34.99. What you get when you buy this package are:

  • Power supply unit
  • A set top box
  • A remote control unit
  • HDMI cable
  • A dis with accessories
  • Single port LNB
  • Two connectors
  • A 10 meter cable

Suppose if you recharge for six months then one extra month subscription is free for you. And if you recharge for 12 months, then additional two months subscription is free for you.

To avail this offer, you just need to call Akash DTH helpline number 16442 after recharging.

When a registered subscriber purchases new “Akash Customer Premises Equipment” from any Akash authorized dealer, Akash DTH offers one year repair and replacement warranty. As a result, if there is any problem in the next one year, Aakash DTH or Aakash DIS will provide free service.

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