China has created 'artificial sun', the temperature is 10 times hotter than the real sun

China has created 'artificial sun', the temperature is 10 times hotter than the real sun

Chinese scientists have created an 'artificial sun' in the laboratory which is old news. The new news is that China's artificial sun is generating 70 million degrees Celsius of heat, which is about five times more than the real sun.

Scientists found this evidence in a recent experiment. Not only that, they have succeeded in retaining the heat of the artificial sun for about 18 minutes.

This information is known in the report of the American media New York Times, British media The Sun and Independent.

The South China Morning Post reported in a report that the 'artificial sun' made by China radiated 70 million degrees Celsius for 17 minutes and 36 seconds. But the core of the sun can radiate heat as much as one and a half million degrees Celsius.

Chinese news agency Xinhua reports that researchers are experimenting with the 'artificial sun' at the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) nuclear fusion reactor in Hefei, Anhui Province, China.

EAST laboratory is made in China. But since 2006, scientists from different countries of the world have researched there. This artificial sun is the result of the research of more than 10 thousand Chinese and foreign scientists. The Sun report claims that China has already spent 70 million British pounds on this project. It is said that researchers will conduct tests in this regard until next June.

The main goal of 'Artificial Sun' is to create an environmentally friendly source for the growing energy needs of people. Researchers expect this 'artificial sun' to start producing heat from 2040.


Helium is produced from hydrogen in a continuous nuclear fusion process inside the Sun. That huge heat energy is generated in this process. Bajimat China's 'Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak' or EAST Fusion Reactor uses that method. China's state-run media "Global Times" called the test a "significant advance" and expressed hope for more success in the coming days.

However, the operation of this reactor is still at the experimental stage. Scientists hope that within another decade it will be able to show its full potential. About 300 scientists and engineers are working towards that goal.

But what target is this 'artificial sun' trying to reach by generating so much temperature? Actually the main aim of this project is to create uninterrupted power flow. With the help of deuterium from the ocean, scientists are trying to create that flow by nuclear fusion like the Sun. But it is not only China that is doing such a thing. South Korea is strongly confronting China in this regard. In December 2020, their 'Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research Fusion Device' produced a temperature of 100 million degrees. But for 20 seconds.

China made a whole sun. China's state media reported on Friday that it had successfully launched the HL-2M tokamak nuclear reactor. The reactor is China's largest and most advanced nuclear fusion experimental research facility. Due to the huge amount of heat and energy produced in the reactor, it is called 'artificial sun'. Since 2006, China has been working on a smaller version of the nuclear fusion reactor. Now it is made in full size and launched.

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