Fortnite reality seeds ? how to break open seed pods

 Fortnite reality seeds ? how to break open seed pods

Here's where you can find reality seed pods in Fortnite at Reality Falls, and how to weed reality saplings to complete this week's Fortnite challenge

Fortnite reality seeds in Reality Falls

Reality Falls is one of the new areas on the Fortnite map, covered in glowing purple trees. In the middle of this location is a large, lilac tree that drops reality seed pods, which can be broken using your pickaxe to obtain Fortnite reality seeds. In recent weeks, more trees and more pods have sprouted in other locations on the island. You can plant their seeds anywhere that is flat and they will grow into reality saplings, which you can loot in subsequent games for weapons and gear.

You need to find and plant three reality seeds to complete this week’s challenge. To plant a seed, find any location on the map where you’re likely to return in future games, equip a seed, and throw it onto the ground. You need to take care of the plant by weeding it when needed in order to get higher-tier loot such as legendary and mythic items.

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Take a look at Outriders Wordslayer’s wildest, deadliest new weapons

With the new Worldslayer expansion, Outriders is about to get even more devastating weaponry to help you survive its deadly endgame

Some games will make you grind for weeks to get your hands on a truly powerful weapon. Some will hold back their biggest guns until the endgame, or worse still, make you pay real money to upgrade. None of these scenarios is ideal if all you really want to do is start wielding some serious weaponry and dealing that oh-so-satisfying critical damage.

Outriders is a little different. The developers know that you want those tactile guns up front, which is why their futuristic arsenal makes for a far better prospect. Outriders’ weapons pack some serious punch, meaning every fight is as brutal and visceral as the last. Even a common Mod can massively change how your weapon works – just think how powerful Legendaries could be.

Deathscape Assault Rifle

This twisted hunk of green and grey may look like something that crawled out of a swamp, but its toxicity works in your favour. This weapon will suit a Technomancer to a T.

The Stigmatized Mod inflicts Toxic, marking the enemy for five seconds. They will then explode upon death, dealing damage across six metres and marking anyone caught in the crossfire.

Grand Opening is the second Mod, which creates a powerful explosion if you manage a first-time hit, dealing damage in a five metre radius.

Final Penance Double Gun

Don’t let the primitive design of Final Penance fool you – this leathery assault weapon is as high-tech as the rest. Adorned with animal skins and the teeth of fallen enemies, you won’t need good luck when you’ve got this beast on your side.

The Mage’s Rage Mod boosts critical hits with a 10% Anomaly Power bonus, making it the perfect gun for an Anomaly-focused build. What’s more, this boost can stack up to four times, and lasts for a full 10 seconds during combat.

Mythos Light Machine Gun

Mythos appears to have been ripped straight from the carcass of some great beast, with its savage layers of teeth. Again, a great choice for Anomaly builds looking to tap into their roots.

Omen is the first Mod, which launches a cover-piercing Anomaly projectile with every shot, inflicting Bleed, dealing damage, and weakening the enemy for three seconds.

The second Mod, Anomaly Enhancement, works best when you’ve already honed your Anomaly skills, as it boosts your Firepower by 40% of your current Anomaly Power.

Sunfall Submachine Gun

This flashy gun utilises the heat of the sun to burn enemies to the ground. When things start to heat up, this is the weapon you’ll want by your side.

The first Mod, Firestorm, summons a blazing inferno through successful shots, inflicting Burn and dealing damage to all enemies within its radius for eight seconds. Each successful shot further increases this radius.

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