Ways to identify real and fake mobile phones

Ways to identify real and fake mobile phones

Assalamu Alaikum. He bought a mobile phone with a lot of hard work and money. But after buying, he saw that the phone was fake. Then there is no limit to suffering. But if you already knew about the way to recognize real and fake mobile phones then surely you would not be fooled. Nor could they deceive you.

So friends if you want to buy a real phone or know about real and fake mobile phones then this article is for you. In this article I will tell you how to buy an original good smartphone. I will also discuss some other issues related to this matter. So that we understand the main point very well. So let's begin.

1. IMEI number

To check with IMEI number, dial *#06# from the mobile of the smartphone to be purchased. Now write down the IMEI number that appears. Next you will need an IMEI checker. Access the IMEI checker website from the link below. Then search with the recorded IMEI number.

Ways to know if the mobile phone is official

Another way to check if the handset is genuine is by IMEI number. That is, the phone is official or unofficial in this way. So go to message option from any phone and type KYD<space>IMEI number in capital letters. Then send 16002 to this number.

In the return message, BTRC will inform whether the phone information is in the BTRC database. That is, the phone is official or unofficial. If the mobile is official then you can increase your belief that the phone is genuine. If not, definitely assume the handset is unofficial or fake.

Test the LCD

Be sure to test the phone's LCD before buying. This test is very important. Dial *#0*# from smartphone for LCD test. After dialing, check all the options carefully. If the phone is fake then this option will not work.

Mobile phone design check

It is at least important to check the design of the smartphone to identify the real phone. Because the design of the fake phone will never be exactly like the original phone. So, you decide to buy the set of the phone design well in advance offline or online. So that you can check well while buying.

Check battery performance

Before buying a mobile phone it is very important to know its battery performance. For this, type *#0228# on the phone and dial. In this you will see the battery status of the phone and its performance.

Check performance

Another important thing in identifying the original mobile is the performance check. If you understand the performance well then only by this you can understand whether a phone is genuine or fake. That's why you should try the phone for a while before buying it.

How is its camera, are the applications working fast, are there any lags etc. Check these things carefully. Because a fake phone can never perform like an original phone.

Phone feature check

The feature option plays a very effective role in saving the original phone. Check the features of the phone you decide to buy online or offline beforehand. So that you can check well while buying. And if you see the features of the phone are somewhere nineteen twenty, then be careful.

Check smartphone theme

When you turn on the mobile phone you buy, make sure that the company's theme is displayed on the phone. If it doesn't show then definitely assume that the phone is fake.

Check the BIOS program

These tips on how to identify real and fake mobile phones can also help you a lot. While the phone is off, press and hold the volume up and down buttons and the power button together. This will launch the phone's BIOS program. Through this option you will see several options including resetting the phone.

And this option will work only if the phone is original. If these functions work then you can assume that the phone is original.

Software version check

You can find out which software version is running on the smartphone and some other related issues. And for this dial *#1234#.

CPU Z App | How to find a good smartphone

Counterfeit phones use a variety of low-quality hardware and software, including processors. Which slow down the performance of the phone. And which is not easily understood from the outside. That's why install the CPU Z app on your phone to avoid this scam. This app will inform you about all the hardware and software in the phone.

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