Best app to watch live TV on mobile


Best app to watch live TV on mobile

Our blog is about the best apps for watching TV on mobile. Today we will present to you some apps with which you can enjoy all the programs on live TV anywhere. Read carefully and select the app of your choice.

If you search on Google, you will find thousands of apps. Most of which are made for copying and downloading. But today through our blog we will talk about some of the best apps for watching live TV on mobile which do not take time to load or open channels.

Hope you all are well. Of course, why not stay well? Now is the age of technology to be what is needed. There was a time when we couldn't even imagine communication without face-to-face communication. But later this idea was falsified by word telephone.

It is also not accessible to everyone due to its high cost. But even then there was limitlessness because even though the person acted as medium, the object was still the medium and that was limitlessness.

However, a few years later, after thousands of researches, wireless communication systems came out. or cell phone. And slowly technology improved and gifted us with amazing devices one after another.

There are many of us who search Google or YouTube for the best mobile TV apps. But do not find the right information? No need to worry, read our post till the end then you will know about the best apps to watch TV on mobile for free. Now is the modern age. In this age everything is gradually becoming modern. Now the speed of internet is also increasing along with it. Opportunities are increasing, so now you can watch free live TV on mobile. But for this you will need some apps. Let's start-


Among the best apps for watching TV on mobile, Toffee is the best of the best. Almost most people now use toffee. This app is under banglalink. With this app you can watch anything you want. That is to say, almost all kinds of content are full of “toffee”. It has live streaming system.

Here are the types of content you can watch:

  • Various sports channels. Among them, you can watch both domestic (eg G TV) and foreign (eg Sony) sports channels. That too directly i.e. live streaming.
  • Different types of news broadcasting channels. Some of these are: Time News, R TV, Desh TV.
  • Foreign channels can be enjoyed through toffee. These include M TV, V. H. one At the same time there is Zee Bangla.
  • Live TV Watch App Download

But Toffee app is becoming very popular day by day. Because every content can be enjoyed live for free on Toffee. Toffee is now the most used app in Bangladesh. And now its popularity is peaking. It is now the best app to watch TV on mobile. Because, it is now streaming every match of Football World Cup for free. So all types of TV content can be enjoyed at home only on mobile phones. About 10 million people have downloaded the Toffee app from the Play Store.


Bioscope LIVE TV for PC - How to Install on Windows PC, Mac

Bioscope is also getting popular day by day. Bioscope is currently under Grameenphone. Here you can enjoy all types of TV content for free. You can also use the app on your device for this. Or you can also view the content from the website.

You can watch all live streamed content in Bioscope, the best apps for watching TV on mobile. At the same time, many other types of videos are collected here. As a result, he can also enjoy the videos.

Here are the types of content you can watch:

  • Sports channel. Here foreign sports channels are very popular among sports lovers. Basically, some channels of Sony Sports are very famous.
  • News channels. These include Saham Sangbad, N TV, 71 TV.
  • You can get any entertainment content at Bioscope.
  • Live TV viewing app Bioscope
  • There are some more foreign channels. These include all types of content including news, entertainment, sports. have-

  • Yes Bangla
  • Sony Sub
  • BBC Earth
  • Sony eight
  • Nickelodeon
  • M TV

In a word, Bioscope is full of all kinds of content. So if you are looking for the best apps to watch TV on mobile, then Bioscope is definitely for you. It will provide you all kinds of content. About 5 million people have downloaded the Bioscope app from the Play Store.

Jagobd – Bangla TV (Official)

Jagobd – Bangla TV (Official) is a 100% official Android app developed by Jagobd is a huge source of Bangladeshi TV channels. Jagobd app allows you to watch your TV channels as well as read various newspapers.

You don't have to spend a single penny here. And here you can enjoy live TV channels, you can also enjoy live games from any location and stay updated with every new score. I have updated its features below for your convenience.

Features of Jagobd – Bangla TV (Official) app are:

  • Bangla TV Channel
  • Islamic TV Channel
  • Bangla news paper
  • special event
  • News View does not require Adobe Flash Player
  • Stong Steaming Player
  • No sign up required
  • New channel updates automatically
  • 100% effective
  • 100% Free No Subscription Needed

In case of any problem you can contact Jagobd – Bangla TV (Official) 24/7 active support community. Their email address is Any kind of problem like your phone not working, not running, or crashing you should email them to this mail with a screenshot. They will fix your problem.


BONGO TV - Gampaha, Western Province, Sri Lanka | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

Bongo is Wald's huge Bengali entertainment library. Bongo app gives you free access to Blockbuster Movies, Latest Shows, Dramas, Live News & Spots and much more. You'll find something new to watch on the Bongo app every day.

But one problem is that Bongo app shows ads. And to cut these ads you have to buy their plane. The add doesn't show much. You don't have to buy a premium plane in this way. You can access every channel content of Bongo app absolutely free.

Ad means one or two ads like YouTube. But offering video services is really good.

Features of Bongo app are:

  • Access over 15,000 full movies, dramas, TV shows, and Bongo originals
  • See that there is no one-time cost on any internet connected device
  • New content is added to the list regularly
  • Download options are extensive
  • Option to watch on big screen by casting video from Fuun
  • Subscribe and enjoy downloads, ad free, and fast access to new sources
  • Don't worry about the subscribe option in the Bongo app. Because this option is kept only to add some extra featurescan No hassle of premium channels here.


Banglaflix - Bangla Video App in Bangladesh Banglalink

I won't say much about Banglaflix. Because I didn't like the Banglaflix app that much. It's also an app that lets you watch TV, but it doesn't have an option to watch live TV. You can enjoy various dramas, movies, documentaries and more on it.

Features of Banglaflix app are:

  • Enjoy movies, dramas, documentaries from Banglaflix on tablets, TVs and smartphones
  • You can save videos to your list and push them and start watching them anytime
  • Banglaflix app will suggest you similar content that you have watched
  • Banglaflix has apps that you have never seen before and they are exclusive to Banglaflix
  • I didn't say much about Banglaflix because I didn't like its buy-to-watch option. Its maximum content is premium. The amount of content to watch for free is very low.
  • But if the feature I like in Banglaflix is the suggestion. It will give you suggestions of similar content from your recently viewed content.

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