Ways to protect Facebook ID from being hacked or disabled


Ways to protect Facebook ID from being hacked or disabled

Nowadays people are victims of Facebook account hack and disable almost every day. It goes without saying how essential a Facebook account has become. Becaus

e there are currently several ways to earn from Facebook, the world's most used social media. Many people in the world are earning by adopting these methods.

You must have a Facebook account to earn from Facebook. If so then you must be in Access.

If the Facebook account is lost from your access then you will not be able to earn using those methods, if you have previously earned using that account then you will lose all the sources of income with the account. So you must keep your Facebook account properly stored and secured.

This post is shared with the intention that you can protect your Facebook account. By following the instructions in this post, you can keep your favorite account safe.

Follow the instructions below to keep your Facebook account secure. Check your account security regularly if needed.

Personal Information:

Failure to enter personal information correctly will reduce the security of your Facebook account. The type of Facebook account names these days is laughable.

Lonely Boy, Liker Boy. Angel Sadia, Broken Heart Avoid opening Facebook account with strange names otherwise your Facebook account may be disabled due to minor reporting. And so enter the personal information correctly in the Facebook account. For example: your name, your date of birth, your current address, your permanent address, your personal phone number and your personal email.


Use strong passwords to protect your Facebook account from being hacked and stolen, and avoid sharing your password with anyone or logging in in front of anyone. You can use English numbers along with English alphabet to strengthen the password. For example: example2020.

Where there is no log in:

Currently, various websites and games ask to login or link with the help of Facebook. Before logging into such third-party websites and games, verify that they are trustworthy. If using, please unlink your account from the Site or Game after use or you may lose access to your account.


Turn on Two-factor authentication to keep your Facebook account secure. If two-factor authentication is enabled, no one can login even if they know the password. When someone wants to login, a verification code will be sent from Facebook to the number used in the Facebook account and login using that code.

Login Alert:

Turn on the login alert function from Facebook's security options. If someone logs into your account, this feature will notify you instantly through Facebook notifications, messenger and email.

Review Login:

This feature lets you see which browser or device you've used your account on. If you log in to an unknown device and forget to log out, you can log out through this feature. If someone steals access to your Facebook account, you can log out with this feature.

If you follow the above instructions your account will be protected from being disabled and hacked.

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