How to Know the Best Laptop


How to Know the Best Laptop

Before buying a laptop, it is necessary to know what is the way to know a good laptop or what are the features of a good laptop. If not, your hard-earned money can be lost if you buy a laptop out of ignorance! If you want a complete buying guide about laptops then you have come to the right place. Because this is not a sponsored post. So by reading this article you can easily know the way to know a good laptop.

In most cases, it is seen that a common man buys a laptop based on the information given by the salesman of the computer store because he does not have a complete idea about the laptop. In this case the salesman sells the laptop to you considering the profit of their business rather than your convenience. A few days after buying such a laptop, when the laptop starts having various problems, one has to be in despair and worry about the laptop.

If you want to buy a new laptop, then from this post you can get full experience on all the things you need to know before buying a laptop and choose a good quality laptop yourself and buy the laptop of your choice. Also, by reading this post, you will understand the advantages of buying an old (second hand) laptop.

What is the way to know the best laptop?

While buying a new laptop, you have to consider the laptop's processor, RAM, ROM, display, battery and laptop size and accessories to choose a good quality laptop. If you have a clear idea about these simple parts (hardware) of a laptop, you don't need to take advice from anyone while buying a laptop.

Usually when buying a laptop, should I get Core i3 processor or Core i5 or Core i7? Again, in the case of RAM, the common question is whether it is better to take 4 GB or 8 GB? We will clear all your doubts through this post.

An easy way to identify a good laptop is to consider the following points-

  • Processor/CPU
  • RAM
  • ROM (hard disk)
  • Display
  • motherboard
  • Laptop size and weight
  • Laptop design
  • Operating System (Software)
  • Laptop brand
  • Why buy a laptop?

Before discussing the features of a good laptop it is most important to discuss why you are buying a laptop. Because to buy a standard laptop, you have to spend around 40 to 50 thousand rupees. So you have to decide for yourself why you want to buy a laptop.

If you want to buy a laptop just to show off to others or to show your friends, then I will tell you there is no need to buy a laptop. Because wasting money buying a laptop that doesn't work is nothing but stupid.

Moreover, if you want to buy a laptop only for listening to music and browsing the internet or watching videos on YouTube or using Facebook, then I tell you again you don't need to buy a laptop. Because listening to music, watching video songs, browsing the internet or watching YouTube videos can all be done effortlessly with a smartphone.

So I personally suggest you to buy a smartphone for Rs 10/15 thousand instead of buying a laptop without need. However, if you want to waste money buying a laptop just to show others without needing it, the final decision is yours.

What kind of processor or CPU is better

A processor is the main part of a computer. It is considered as a very important hardware of laptop. While buying a laptop, the processor must be given the most importance. Generally, two types of companies are most popular in the market for computer processors. One is AMD and other is Intel company. 

AMD processors are comparatively more expensive than Intel processors. But you should try to buy AMD processor laptop. Because its performance is very good. It should be remembered that Intel's processor consumes less power than all other processors. Are you thinking of buying a laptop in 2022? Then you must know better about this processor.

What kind of RAM would be good?

It is wise to consider RAM while buying a laptop. To get smooth performance on the laptop, you must buy a laptop with 4 GB or more RAM. The more RAM you have, the more comfortable you will feel. However, if you want to do heavy tasks like video editing or playing games on a laptop, you need to use 8 GB or 16 GB RAM. In selecting a good quality RAM, you should pay attention to the bus speed and DDR (Double Data Rate) of the RAM.

Which hard disk will I take?

When buying a laptop, you should look for more hard drives. Because in this era of information technology, hard disk with small or less space is easily filled. Some good quality movies take 3/4 GB space. So get a hard disk with more space so that you don't have to suffer from lack of space to store the necessary data later. 

Normal hard disks become slow when they are old. You can get SSD storage instead of hard disk or hard drive for better performance. People are now more inclined to use SSD hard disks. Because it gives relatively better performance if Windows is given.

Which generation is better?

A good laptop means an updated laptop of any generation. It is not right to buy a laptop without knowing the generation. Because latest generation means updated laptop. When buying a laptop, you must keep in mind which generation it is. Because a lot depends on the generation. And while buying laptop don't buy below 7th generation.

What kind of operating system?

Windows must be taken while choosing the operating system. Because we use Windows all the time, we are used to it. It is easy to use and easy to install. Installing software on OS and other operating systems is comparatively difficult. So if you like Windows while buying a laptop, go for it. Or install whichever operating system you find more convenient.

What will be the display quality?

You must buy a laptop by looking at the display. Because the whole time you have to work looking at the laptop display. So check whether the resolution and brightness of the display is correct. Experts generally recommend 1080p for displays. Because it is full HD display. If you can't get a display of this resolution, then definitely get a laptop of at least HD or 720p resolution.

Laptop size and weight

Size usually depends on the type of work. The size of the laptop should be determined according to the type of work you will be doing. For example, if you want to do video editing, you need to get a large display or a large size laptop. Slim size laptops are the most popular lately. They are also quite thin in weight. Thin laptops are the first choice of people. Weight depends on screen size. Perfect for carrying and using 13 to 14 inch laptops. Its weight is usually below 2 kg. But some people recommend a 15 inch display laptop.

Good quality laptop battery

Battery backup is the main purpose of buying a laptop. The demand for laptops is increasing because they can run without electricity. There is no point in buying a laptop if the charge does not provide more backup. Because laptops are mainly bought for portability. 

Laptops are not meant to be used all the time at home or at a specific place. Sometimes you have to go outside for any coaching, class or journey. At this time, the importance of battery is very important so that important work can be done with the help of laptop. 

To know a good battery, you should buy a laptop battery by looking at its rating. If the battery has 44Wh or 50Wh written on it, it can hold a charge longer. Laptops with this type of battery usually provide 6/7 hours of backup.

The camera

Nowadays, one more device needs to be given special importance when buying a laptop. That is the laptop camera. Nowadays its importance is increasing. 

Because various educational institutions, offices and courts are closed due to the corona epidemic, classes or meetings are held online. Hence the need for cameras is immense. Earlier though its demand was not so high. So now while buying a laptop, check if its camera is good and how much resolution it has.

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