Know the secret codes of iPhone


Know the secret codes of iPhone 

Most iPhone users don't know the rules of using secret codes on their iPhone. Many people don't even know that there is a secret code for iPhone. Although most of the iPhone's features are limited to widgets, apps and Control Center, various hidden features of the iPhone can be accessed using the secret code.

USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data has been used in mobile phones for more than twenty years. Different types of hidden features can be seen using these codes made up of stars, hashes and various number combinations.

Let's know about some interesting iPhone secret codes. To redeem these codes, enter the iPhone's Phone app and follow the instructions displayed. Numbers and symbols can be entered using the keypad in the iPhone's Phone app. Be warned, the functionality of some codes may depend on your iPhone model, iOS version, and even the country it was made for.

Rules for finding the IMEI number of iPhone :

Every phone has a unique identity known as International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI number for short. If an iPhone is lost or lost, the IMEI number can be used to locate the device (with the help of law enforcement).

Dial *#06# to find iPhone IMEI number

After pressing the mentioned code, you will see the IMEI number of the phone on your screen. No need to press dial button for this.

How to Hide Caller ID on iPhone

When you call any number, your phone number is displayed on the screen of the person you are calling. But you can keep your personal phone number secret by dialing a little code.

To hide caller ID on iPhone:

  • Dial *67 if the person to call is an iPhone user in the US and #31# for others
  • Then enter the phone number with the country code of the person you want to call
  • Then tap the dial button and enjoy the Caller ID hidden phone experience
  • Note, this feature is also mobile operator dependent

Rules for turning on Field Test Mode on iPhone

If you want to know the technical information about the cellular signal and connection of the iPhone, you can use the hidden field test mode on the phone itself. This feature is mainly designed for technicians and engineers to check your phone's network.

But with iOS 15, one of the best features of this field test mode has been canceled. This feature used to measure the strength of the phone's signal. After iOS 15 update, this feature of field test mode no longer works.

But if you are interested in local network and cell towers, then you can learn various interesting facts using field test mode. To turn on Field Test Mode:

First turn off Wi-Fi

  • Then enter phone app and dial *3001#12345#
  • After that you will see the field test screen where there will be two tabs called Dashboard and All Metrics
  • For iOS 13 or 14 users, tap on All Metrics and scroll down and tap on Serving Cell Meas.
  • Find rsrp0 and rspr1, which refer to the two towers closest to you

You can see how strong the cellular signal is in decibels-milliwatts. If you see a number around -40, then you will understand that your network signal is strong. Again, if this number is below 100, the signal of the phone network is very weak.

Rules for diverting incoming calls on iPhone

You can divert other incoming calls on your iPhone while you are on a call. This number can be any type of landline or any other mobile phone. Also, if your phone does not receive a call or does not reply, there is an opportunity to set the call to be diverted to another number.

To divert incoming calls on iPhone:

  1. First decide what you want to do
  2. Dial *61# to forward call if unable to receive call
  3. Dial *62# to forward call if the phone does not answer
  4. Dial *67# to divert call if phone is busy

Then enter the number to which you want to forward the call, press hash (#) and dial

Similarly call forwarding can be stopped by dialing #61#, #62# or #67# (according to the code you used to activate call forwarding). You can know the current call forwarding status of the phone by dialing *#61#, *#62# and *#67#

Rules for turning on call waiting on iPhone

You can turn on the call waiting feature so that you know when someone else is on a call. There is also an option to receive new calls while on a call by turning on call waiting

To enable call waiting on iPhone:

  • Dial *43#
  • Then tap on Dimiss when you see the confirmation screen
  • You can stop call waiting by dialing #43#
  • Rules for Blocking Outgoing Calls on iPhone

Before giving your phone to someone, you can block outgoing calls to make sure they can't call someone from your phone without your knowledge. When this feature is on, no calls can be made from the iPhone.

To stop outgoing calls on iPhone:

  • Type *33*
  • Then press # by providing a PIN, this PIN will unblock outgoing calls that only you know.
  • Tap on the dial button and press Dismiss after receiving the confirmation message
  • Dial #33*yourcode# to turn off the outgoing call barring feature.

The mentioned iPhone secret code or secret codes are not always to be used. But these codes can be very useful for different needs. So it is good to know the secret codes of iPhone.

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