What and how to use Google Photos


What and how to use Google Photos

There may not be a person who doesn't love to take pictures with their smartphone. But organizing photos on the phone, freeing up storage, or backing up photos and videos can seem like a hassle. The mentioned tasks can be done quite easily using Google's Google Photos app.

What is Google Photos? – What is Google Photos?

Google Photos is an online photo storage and sharing service created by Google. This Google service has been very popular since its release in May 2015. Generally, every Android smartphone comes with the Google Photos app pre-installed.

Previously, in case of saving pictures or videos, the phone was connected to a separate device and then the pictures or videos were copied to the said device. However, thanks to technology, we have got cloud services like Google Photos, which help to easily upload pictures or videos to cloud servers online.

Google Photos is basically a cloud file storage and sharing service. It can be used to upload and save images online. In addition, Google Photos is very popular as a means of sharing photos and videos with others very easily.

Can you put free pictures and videos in Google Photos?

Previously, Google Photos had the facility of storing unlimited high quality photos and videos in cloud storage. However, in November 2020, changes were made in the storage of Google Photos.

Currently, the unlimited storage feature of Google Photos is no more. Rather, the 15GB Google Drive cloud storage available free with a Google account can be used as storage for Google Photos.

That is, the images or videos saved by Google Photos will be stored in the free 15GB storage of Google Drive. In terms of storage usage, all Google services use this free storage.

Google Photos - google photos home

Apart from backing up photos and videos, the Google Photos app has many other great features. By using these features, phone storage management like freeing phone storage etc. can be done very easily. Let's know about the features of Google Photos.

Automatic backup

Photos and videos can be automatically backed up using the Google Photos app. If this feature is enabled, the app automatically saves images and videos to the online server when it gets a stable internet connection.

Smart Search

Google's powerful search technology can be found in Google Photos. As a result, Google Photos app can be searched using any keyword. For example: You can search by typing Food to find pictures that have food in the picture. Again, pictures taken at any place can be found by typing the name of the place (if GPS data is available, it will be easy to find pictures).


The assistant feature of the app makes it very easy to use the various features of Google Photos. It can be used to create collages or albums very easily. Also, this feature is very useful in deleting duplicate files or freeing storage.

Google Lens

The Google Lens feature is in-built in the Google Photos app. As a result, all the pictures on the phone can be analyzed by the amazing features of Google Lens. Lens features can be used to search for objects in images, copy-paste and translate text.

Google Photos Albums

Google Photos organizes photos and videos into personalized albums through advanced image processing and analysis. Google Photos organizes photos into multiple album categories, including people, places, objects, collages, animations, or movies.

google photos people

You can share your photos in Google Photos with your friends or family using the partner sharing feature. This feature can be used by entering the Photos app and tapping on the Photo Settings option and going to Partner Sharing.

Why use Google Photos?

  • Photos and videos can be stored in the cloud for free
  • Automatic photos and videos can be backed up from the phone
  • Mobile storage can be freed up after online backup of photos and videos
  • Movies, animations, collages and albums can be saved, shared and embedded
  • Find content in images using the powerful search feature
  • Easily share photos, videos and albums with others
  • Memorable moments can be recalled using the memory feature
  • Find objects in images, copy-paste and translate text using the in-built Google Lens feature.

Rules for using Google Photos

The amazing features of Google Photos and why you should use Google Photos - got a clear idea. Now let's know step by step how to use Google Photos.

Install the app

Most Android phones come with the Google Photos app pre-installed. If you don't have Google Photos app on your phone, first install the app from Play Store or App Store. Besides, pictures and videos can be stored in Google Photos from the computer using the web version.

Backup quality level

After installing the app, the quality of the backup images needs to be set. In this case, it is very important to select settings according to your needs and Google account storage. Two options are available for backup quality level:

High Quality: In this case, all backed up images are saved in 16 megapixels and all videos are saved in 1080p resolution.

Original: In this case, the original image or video is saved in full size and without compression

App Browsing Rules

After entering the Google Photos app, you can see all the photos on the phone by date. By entering the Search tab in the menu at the bottom of the app, you can search for the desired image on the phone.

Also, from the Sharing tab, multiple images or videos can be shared using links at the same time. Also previously shared photos and videos albums will be displayed in this tab. On the other hand, in the Library tab, all images and videos can be seen in the form of folders.

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