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Some appearances/sayings of Marie Curie's slices

When it comes to women scientists, the one whose name goes without saying is Marie Curie. She was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in two disciplines—physics and chemistry. He was born in Warsaw, Poland in November 1867.

Here we will see some famous quotes of Marie Curie. The quotes are mainly motivational, and philosophical at the same timewill be achieved.

No one notices what has passed. Others just watch what's about to happen.

Important Words of Methodology - 4 (Gatsutra)

There are some sadistic corporations who are more active in seeking the truth than establishing it.

You can only answer questions. Be strategic about what data you take in and how you store it.

First conditions, cannot be created by any human being.

In science, we must be subject-oriented, not people-oriented.

I am one of those who think that science has a great security.

 When radium was discovered then anyone could make it in this hospital. Otherwise it was a purely scientific advance. This means that scientific progress should not be compromised by the practicality of a country. The advancement of science is for the sake of big science itself.

Methodologically important word mountain-3 (two-dimensional motion)

It's always good to marry your best friend.

You may dream of a greater freedom without developing your own being. For better height we need to develop the self first.

It is important to dream in life and make dreams reality.

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